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In the meantime he drifted, resting and recuperating after the long traverse he had made through the realm of knowledge.
Meantime, of course, policemen were coming on a run, and as a crowd gathered other police got excited and sent in a riot call.
In the meantime, intelligence was received of the mischief that Commodore Porter was doing among the British whale ships.
replied Mazarin, with his Italian smile; "that may happen one day; but in the meantime "
In the meantime the captain's horses were daily gaining strength, and their hoofs improving, which had been worn and battered by mountain service.
In the meantime Telegonus, while travelling in search of his father, lands on Ithaca and ravages the island: Odysseus comes out to defend his country, but is killed by his son unwittingly.
In the meantime, I cordially regret not having known the local music-seller in early life.
Was he very uneasy in the meantime at his inability to give his daughter her birthright?