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The sun, meanwhile, if not already above the horizon, was ascending nearer and nearer to its verge.
Meanwhile, they shall be at the command of any gentleman, inclined and competent, to take the unprofitable labour off my hands.
Meanwhile, another conversation was going on in the lower part of the boat, between Emmeline and the mulatto woman with whom she was confined.
Meanwhile I should be subjected to no discomfort that was not necessary to preclude escape, and, unless I forfeited the privilege by misconduct, I should be occasionally permitted to see my brother who had preceded me to my prison.
Meanwhile his home is in a wretched plight suitors are wasting his substance and plotting against his son.
But meanwhile I will not take a hen-house for a mansion.
Thus did they converse; meanwhile Melanthius the goatherd came up, for he too was bringing in his best goats for the suitors' dinner; and he had two shepherds with him.
So, weary with her long and useless search, she sat amid the ferns, and feasted on the rosy strawberries that grew beside her, watching meanwhile the crimson evening clouds that glowed around the setting sun.
The prince dismounted, ordered one of his aids and Raoul to follow his example, and directed the others to await his orders, keeping themselves meanwhile on the alert.
Meanwhile the two hosts lifted up their hands and prayed saying, "Father Jove, that rulest from Ida, most glorious in power, grant that he who first brought about this war between us may die, and enter the house of Hades, while we others remain at peace and abide by our oaths.
And thus thy memory is to me Like some enchanted far-off isle In some tumultuos sea -- Some ocean throbbing far and free With storms -- but where meanwhile Serenest skies continually Just o're that one bright island smile.
I shall trouble you meanwhile to prevent his forming any other attachment when he comes to town.