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com and order 12 oysters for pounds 9, instead of a measly six for pounds 6.
And so far this week he's shifted a measly 2,000 copies, compared to Gnarls Barkley's 16,000.
As the Lakers played one of the most horrendous first quarters in NBA postseason history - fans in the Arena Club were knocking down tequila shots faster than Derek Fisher could find his shot - San Antonio sprinted to an even-more pathetic, humiliating, measly 17-13 advantage.
In the last month, Hahn has boasted about creating a measly two neighborhood councils, even as every other neighborhood in the city waits for the supposed jewel of charter reform.
Well look at it this way, it's almost double the growth rate from the fourth quarter of 2007, when GDP was a measly 0.
This is a measly sum, and will do very little to help those who had their homes and properties damaged by the floods.
Why allow providers to boost profits by accepting a measly return on your savings?
I believe they were convicted with a measly BD20 fine and a criminal record was the maximum penalty - what a farce
A measly seven points from a possible 39 is a poor return to the say the least.
I write as someone who is forever stuck in a queue waiting to pay for my measly Diet Coke while the person in front of me orders four cafe lattes, some soup, a couple of hot paninis and some vastly overpriced biscuits.
Under the California penal code, a sex crime like the one that landed Pierce in prison carries a measly sentence of three to eight years.
In Shanghai you can easily find someone who earns $6,000 a month and another, a measly $6.