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For the sake of a measly PS500 in fines DCC has effectively told visitors to Rhyl " we don''''t want you here".
Manila Burglars who successfully broke into a bank in Bogo City in Cebu province by digging a tunnel to gain entry managed to get away with a measly 400 pesos (around Dh35) after they failed to break open the bank's vault.
My measly military pension doesn't adequately support me now, what will we do as we age and are no longer capable of earning an income to supplement it?
Corby are level on points with the hosts with two games in hand but their record on the road is shoddy, with just one victory and a measly eight goals scored.
It is a disgrace that London and Edinburgh, two capital cities of adjacent countries, are linked by a road that shrinks to two measly lanes near the border.
But a measly fine of pounds 2000 means nothing to a person like this who has snorted many times that amount up his nose.
Unite said 6,000 of its members who work as firefighters, engineers and support and security staff at Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh will vote over the next few weeks over a "measly" offer.
And all for an "admission of guilt" fine of a measly pounds 65.
I HAVE just listened to Alastair Darling's Budget report and note that state pensions will only rise by a measly 2.5 per cent.
I believe they were convicted with a measly BD20 fine and a criminal record was the maximum penalty - what a farce!
Well look at it this way, it's almost double the growth rate from the fourth quarter of 2007, when GDP was a measly 0.6%.
This is a measly sum, and will do very little to help those who had their homes and properties damaged by the floods.