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And all for an "admission of guilt" fine of a measly pounds 65.
I HAVE just listened to Alastair Darling's Budget report and note that state pensions will only rise by a measly 2.
I believe they were convicted with a measly BD20 fine and a criminal record was the maximum penalty - what a farce
Well look at it this way, it's almost double the growth rate from the fourth quarter of 2007, when GDP was a measly 0.
This is a measly sum, and will do very little to help those who had their homes and properties damaged by the floods.
Why allow providers to boost profits by accepting a measly return on your savings?
A measly seven points from a possible 39 is a poor return to the say the least.
I write as someone who is forever stuck in a queue waiting to pay for my measly Diet Coke while the person in front of me orders four cafe lattes, some soup, a couple of hot paninis and some vastly overpriced biscuits.
In Shanghai you can easily find someone who earns $6,000 a month and another, a measly $6.
The Leeds rockers went through the motions for a measly hour, left out several better-known singles and couldn't be bothered to play an encore - yet the bulk of fans still appeared to go home reasonably happy.
Why waste a third of a day's bad fat on two measly cookies?