measure for measure

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To all appearances, Measure for Measure is a work of mixed genres and could not be otherwise with its plot based on the delegation of power, power being, since Aristotle, the most definitive generic criterion that signifies the status of a hero and, therefore, the dignity of a form.
Audiences will get to see the results for themselves when Measure For Measure is staged next week.
Mark Breeze, Nerica Gough, Lily Rose Shepherd and Kyle Peterkin in a scene from Measure for Measure.
Early modern audiences would have viewed The Jew of Malta and Measure for Measure with at least some knowledge of convents and the virgin's role in Catholicism.
Measure for Measure, Mold Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Emlyn Williams Theatre, until Saturday, May 3, 7.
IN the comic business of act 2 of Measure for Measure, Shakespeare makes the execution of justice depend upon characters ability to be precise.
Measure for Measure and Romeo and Juliet will be performed by mixed companies.
Commonly described as one of Shakespeare's "problem plays", Measure For Measure is a story of deceit, corruption, desire and hypocrisy.
She has been playing Isabella in Measure for measure and Imogen in Cymbeline at the company's Stratford on Avon base, and both are about to arrive at Newcastle as part of the RSC's North-east season.
Having looked at Catholic and 'reformed' cultures the author looks closely at Romeo and Juliet, King John, I Henry IV and Measure for Measure.
The A-level is scheduled for Monday June 12 - leaving frantic pupils at Rossall School, near Fleetwood, Lancs, just seven weeks to read and learn the correct text, Shakespeare's Measure For Measure.