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Measure for Measure is our 27th production as we journey through the entire canon, since I took over as artistic director, and I think it is also the 28th Shakespeare play I have directed for the company.
The positive-negative polarity of statesman/ Machiavelli that Jonson stresses is relevant to the analysis of Vincentio's selves in Measure for Measure. For he clearly is a Machiavel rather than a statesman.
To all appearances, Measure for Measure is a work of mixed genres and could not be otherwise with its plot based on the delegation of power, power being, since Aristotle, the most definitive generic criterion that signifies the status of a hero and, therefore, the dignity of a form.
Measure For Measure at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, March 17 to 21.
Then, in a move some readers may find compelling and others may question, Lorenz suggests that Lope de Vega's text is in conversation with Measure for Measure, arguing that "Fuenteovejuna troubles the transplant solution, presenting in its place a complex staging of resistance, at both the representational and conceptual levels" (140).
This essay examines The Jew of Malta and Measure for Measure to provide insight into this significant early modern cultural phenomenon--the displacement of the lifelong virgin from the convent, her cultural niche and protective space, and the simultaneous commodification of the female body on the marriage market.
"I am a poor fellow that would live." Thus pleads Barnadine in Measure For Measure. A prisoner on death row, Barnadine demands to die another day.
This version of Measure for Measure is set in a sex club but remains faithful to the original storyline of sexual corruption.
It is worth pointing out that I have only actually been an audience member in one of the RSC productions of Measure for Measure I have researched for this article, and it is a production which I have chosen not to discuss because its treatment of Isabella's silence did not add anything to my argument.
The seldom-performed Measure for Measure is topical in that it weighs personal morality against the rule of the law and examines how private behaviour should be controlled by the state.
Ultimately, the study undermines the subsequent effort to apply this "ground rhetorical" to three Shakespearean plays: Measure for Measure, All's Well that Ends Well, and Troilus and Cressida.
Measure for Measure: Chemical R&D Powers the U.S.