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Finally, students measure a 1/2-inch border around their squares of unbleached muslin, measure off 2-inch squares within the 8-inch square and begin to print their designs on the muslin.
Lazerito produced a similarly resolute effort to win the maiden hurdle under a fine Sam Thomas ride to foil Richard Johnson on spare ride Taffy Dancer, who looked to have his measure off the home bend.
United's chances were few and far between, but even when Charlie Miller played in a suspiciously offside looking Derek Lilley, keeper Julian Speroni had the measure off him and blocked0.
Measure off the string line once the level reads true and stabilizes.
With a steel tape, Lilliott and his assistant measure off 15-feet.
You can measure off a certain distance along the bank of a stream or river and then drop a stick into the water at the upstream end and time how long it takes for the stick to travel the measured distance.
In this instance the laser's ability to measure off oblique angles means that it will not be affected;