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Traditional methods include simply taking a moving average of measured inflation.
For example, a space which is actually 960 s/f as measured from interior wall to interior wall can be listed as 1,080 s/f measured by the exterior wall method, and 1,200 s/f measured using space from common areas outside the apartment.
Yet for too many institutions, success is measured in traditional ways: 1) benchmarking against a group of peer institutions, 2) copying successful programs and practices, and 3) targeting comparative levels of resources, faculty salaries, and other traditional measures of quality and success.
Skandia realized that its traditional profit-and-loss statements reflected the past and measured tangible assets, while not addressing and measuring the future potential of its human capital.
1988; Ruggles, 1990), it is still commonly used because scholars and policy makers alike understand it, and it has been consistently measured over time.
In this article, we introduce a non-contact optical system with one CCD camera, which registers the distortion of a laser wave-front caused by the measured deformed object, and present the possibilities of using this system in the rubber industry.
At the core of this debate was Glavin's viewpoint that the constructs measured by career tests are not endogenous to all human beings.
When the time taken for the sound waves to travel through the section, which is measured electronically, and the thickness of the casting section are known, velocity can be calculated and nodularity determined based on previously established relationships.
28 MeV, timing resolution was measured for surface-barrier Si detectors using a fast plastic scintillator as a time reference.
89): Civic knowledge was assessed with four items that measured students' knowledge of U.
Combined, Xcel's media relations department had a process that enabled a measured, direct association between its efforts and customer satisfaction.
34) Pediatric tracheotomy functioning can be measured with the Pediatric Tracheotomy Health Status Instrument (PTHSI).