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The effect of magnetic hysteresis on the measured critical current of high temperature superconductors is a very important consideration for every measurement procedure that involves more than one sweep of magnetic field, changes in field angle, or changes in temperature at a given field.
* First of all, bales of rubber can be measured for their changes of elasticity and viscosity from their raw state through compounding.
At Kraft Foods, we can because we fully embrace the principle that not only "what gets measured gets done" but "what gets measured gets done and improved."
In many cases, a pattern feature is measured only once and the measurement is assumed to be perfect.
flow length of 400 mm; the cross-sections measured 6 mm wide and either 2 mm or 1 mm deep.
His study measured the relative importance of diagnosis, treatment, care, and education from the perspective of clients, administrators, nursing staff, and medical staff.
Just as the speeds of vehicles are measured by the frequency shift in radio waves that bounce off them, the rate of blood flow can now be measured by a new device that observes the frequency shift (Doppler shift) in light bounced off blood cells.
With this technique, a beam of light is projected from the sensor to the surface to be measured. This technique is sometimes referred to as a "structured light" and is the equivalent of an automated light section microscope.
Linear response can be obtained from both photovoltaic (PV) and photoconductive (PC) type devices if the detector short circuit current is measured [2].
Ancient Romans measured with a marked strip of leather.
Determining the set of rules that will best represent a particular health outcome is affected by both the reason for measuring the outcome and the types of individuals being measured. Outcome measures can be used to examine small changes resulting from a treatment or to place individuals into broad categories.
The results can be measured through evaluation of training programmes.