measured size

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Searching for solids Of a subset of exoplanets with measured size and mass, most that are less than 1.
We collected the runt eggs, measured size and volume, and ascertained if they were viable.
No sign of the machine at Scholl; instead the assistant used a wooden ruler with a level that slid down to the top of my toes The assistant cheerfully informed me that when I was standing up my feet measured size 4 1 /2 but sitting down they shrank to 3 1 /2.
SANS experiments with polarized neutrons [4] have measured size distributions of magnetic nanoparticles in samples.
In all subjects, total respiratory deposition fraction (DF) for each measured size range (> 10 nm) followed the same pattern predicted by the ICRP model, and in some individuals, deposition exceeded the predicted fraction.
Traditionally, our industry measured size in physical terms.
Wet sediment density is estimated from comparison of directly measured size distributions (from wet sieving) and equivalent sand size distributions (derived from measurement of settling velocity distributions in a top-entry settling column), a procedure described by Loch and Rosewell (1992).
Previous research on costs of reproduction have measured reproductive output by the number of gametes produced per parent, the biomass of gametes produced per biomass of parent (Calow, 1979), or have limited food input and measured size and egg production (Wooton, 1977).
The centerless machine then produces the ground workpiece within the tolerance of the measured size.
The first planet with a measured size, orbit and incident stellar flux that is suitable for life is likely to be announced in 2013," Geoff Marcy of the University of California, Berkeley, told the website.
Hematomas increased in size in 22 of 104 (21 %) women, with the largest measured sizes ranging from 0.
Toshiba will also offer two REGZA LCDVD(TM) models in 26" diagonally measured and 32" diagonally measured sizes.