measured time

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She measured time by means of sprees, and was eternally swollen and dishevelled.
Here are words which, uttered, or rather thundered, with proper emphasis, and in measured time, shall quiet the most unruly temper:
of trials) (a) Predicted vs measured time for the 22-gauge catheter without extension was significantly different, P < 0.005.
The Incas measured time by how long it took a potato to cook.
The recurrent clocks--molded in eclectic styles, telling different times, and showing hands or hours askew--seemed to fuse discordant measures of the cosmos: light-years with dog years, seasons with time zones, the mythological time of storytelling with the measured time of the phone bill.
All measured parameters, in particular the gas pressure in the tube, the temperature in the collector wall, and the temperature of the most loaded mirrors, became stationary; the longest measured time to achieve this state is about 5 min.