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8) If a skull has only one frontal sinus, make measurement A the distance between the projections of its lateral and medial limits (figure 8).
Also, the capillary rheometer's steady state flow allows direct measurement of the effects from changes in L/D.
The final measurement in this group of related experiments was a test of the inverse-square law of gravitation on the scale of meters to kilometers.
The good news is that nearly 70 percent of the world's professional communicators working in PR say they measure the effectiveness of what they do, and 61 percent go so far as to say that measurement is an integral part of the PR process.
The Gene Express Standardized Expression Measurement (SEM) Service Center(tm) has been used successfully by investigators from multiple academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
This is a joint measurement between operations and maintenance.
The company's first generally available security measurement offering, proVizor v.
The experience and expertise of the personnel involved in the measurement.
It determined its accumulated production expenditures (APEs) at each monthly measurement date by totaling the costs of the headquarters project incurred through the measurement date and subtracting 33% of such cost a to reflect the cost a of Sec.
By applying non-traditional measurement methods and backing them with external audit approval, Shell moved to recapture public trust and positioned itself to better gauge future performance.
The on-line measurement of NO requires several pieces of bulky hardware and a dedicated station.
There will also be new introductions in color and appearance measurement a different type of moisture analyzer, and an instrument that measures oxidative stability of polymers.

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