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The partnership addresses the need for marketing and advertising professionals to integrate their efforts, resulting in targeting and measurement across earned, owned and paid channels.
champion measurement across government to ensure good policy, standards and regulation;
Five radio groups have formed an alliance with Shazam for audio measurement across platforms.
Its Skura SFX enables sales and marketing executives to engage with customers across all channels and devices - from a single platform - providing accountability and measurement across the entire sales cycle.
That includes solutions that enable marketing that enables brands to create consistent, personalized experiences across devices; advanced digital TV and ad measurement across devices through a partnership with comScore; direct-to-consumer TV and ad experiences through a new streaming platform built using Adobe Primetime; and a series of new data science capabilities that combine the creative aspect of human intelligence with the analytical power of data science, and complement existing features across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud.
Thousands of brands are included in the measurement across 19 industry sectors.
Each university is given a benchmark by the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA), which takes into account a range of contextual factors, to give a fairer comparative measurement across the country.
Mobile app publishers around the globe using Flurry Pulse will be able to easily implement audience measurement across their mobile assets, including reach, frequency and duration, in order to better monetize their mobile apps and grow advertising revenue via trusted, independent comScore metrics.
While substantial progress has been made in spreading performance measurement across the country and world, much of the information from these systems has been shallow, according to a new report from the Urban Institute.
where he coordinated clinical performance measurement across the company.
The move comes following implementation of metric system as a standard of measurement across UAE, replacing the imperial system that was followed earlier

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