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The reader will perhaps best appreciate the amount of difference in these workers, by my giving not the actual measurements, but a strictly accurate illustration: the difference was the same as if we were to see a set of workmen building a house of whom many were five feet four inches high, and many sixteen feet high; but we must suppose that the larger workmen had heads four instead of three times as big as those of the smaller men, and jaws nearly five times as big.
I will translate that child-murder word for word, to give the reader a realizing sense of what a fifth part of the reading-matter of a Munich daily actually is when it comes under measurement of the eye:
Thompson, surveyor to the Northwest Company; who, by the joint means of the barometer and trigonometric measurement, ascertained it to be twenty-five thousand feet above the level of the sea; an elevation only inferior to that of the Himalayas.
Tahoe is one thousand five hundred and twenty-five feet deep in the centre, by the state geologist's measurement.
He began to get accurate measurement of his strength and his weakness, and to know when to be bold and when to be cautious.
The variability of the measurements could be calculated directly.
Being able to validate severity measurements systems only by expert judgment (of measurement methods or in comparison to expected outcomes), people have turned to correlating severity scores with probability of death after treatment.
Optical measurements are said to be an interesting tool for the analysis of different material properties, as well as the products themselves.
This paper focuses upon the uncertainty of force calibration measurements at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
During this work, and also while putting together and checking the literature review section of the thesis, we have had occasion to think about practical implications of charge measurements.
The asymmetry of the frontal sinuses has stimulated several attempts to identify persons by analyzing measurements of the sinuses obtained from plain x-ray films.