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The appropriate metre was also here introduced; hence the measure is still called the iambic or lampooning measure, being that in which people lampooned one another.
In short, I have a horror of letting any one take my measure.
If, therefore, the measures of the Confederacy cannot be executed without the intervention of the particular administrations, there will be little prospect of their being executed at all.
These are the measures the government has adopted to re-establish order and relieve youp condition.
You shall have the wizard for a bushel of money, but I must have full measure.
I pray you, good sir," said the parson, "permit yourself this once to be admonished by her ladyship: peradventure, by communing with young Madam Sophia, she will effect more than you have been able to perpetrate by more rigorous measures.
You say I am "high"; measure my "high-ness" and I will believe you.
So said he; and they found the reckoning of the measure true.
The forbearance can only have proceeded from an irresistible conviction of the absurdity of subjecting the fate of twelve States to the perverseness or corruption of a thirteenth; from the example of inflexible opposition given by a MAJORITY of one sixtieth of the people of America to a measure approved and called for by the voice of twelve States, comprising fifty-nine sixtieths of the people an example still fresh in the memory and indignation of every citizen who has felt for the wounded honor and prosperity of his country.
For time is the measure of business, as money is of wares; and business is bought at a dear hand, where there is small dispatch.
Yes, he said, I thought and the others thought that you gave us a fair measure of truth.
In the full-grown creature the skull will measure at least twenty feet in length.