measures having equivalent effect

measures having equivalent effect (to quantitative restrictions)

in the law of the EUROPEAN UNION these measures, being non-pecuniary obstacles to the free movement of goods, are prohibited to bolster the common market. The prohibition extends to all trading rules that affect intracommunity trade, even if only potentially.
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Quantitative restrictions on imports and measures having equivalent effect - Prior authorisation procedure for personal imports, not effected by personal transport, of medicinal products - Procedure applicable to medicinal products which have been lawfully prescribed and authorised (medicinal products for human use) or registered (homeopathic medicinal products) in the country of export.
Article 28 EC provides: "Quantitative restrictions on imports and all measures having equivalent effect, shall be prohibited between Member States." Under Article 30 EC, however, it is declared in part that: "The provisions of Articles 28 and 29 shall not preclude prohibitions or restrictions on imports, exports or goods in transit justified on grounds of ...
MAI says: "A contracting Party shall not expropriate or nationalize directly or indirectly an investment...or take any measure or measures having equivalent effect...except for a purpose which is in the public interest...accompanied by payment of prompt, adequate and effective compensation."
The primary building block is a free trade area, which progressively abolishes substantially all tariffs between the EU and the ACPs, as well as all non-tariff measures, such as quotas and measures having equivalent effect. But it will also address divergent marketing rules or product regulations (e.g.