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The bill aims to let people know the importance of meat inspection procedures, disease cases, primary inspection of investigation and records of slaughter houses", said Wal.
In hopes of alleviating that bottleneck, the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture is hoping to revive New Hampshire's own meat inspection program--something the state hasn't had for 35 years.
This week marks the 106th anniversary of the passage of the Pure Food and Drugs Act and the Federal Meat Inspection Act, two landmark pieces of consumer based legislation which established the modern food protection system as we know it.
Ministers have agreed to create a new Scottish body for food safety, food standards, nutrition, food labelling and meat inspection.
THE Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS) has welcomed the Government's decision to reject the Food Standard's Agency's plan for full cost recovery of meat inspection charges.
coli bacteria of the strain in the livers of two of the about 150 cattle it has examined at meat inspection centers nationwide since summer.
Two tenders for the construction of (a) a meat inspection center in Baltim & (b) revamping of the Veterinary Unit in Sidi Ghazi.
But an FSA spokesman said: "It is unsustainable for the taxpayer to pay pounds 32million annually for meat inspection.
Amends the Federal Meat Inspection Act to prohibit the sale of any processed meat that has not undergone a Secretary designated pathogen reduction treatment or been certified to be virtually pathogen flee.
It contains an explanation of marketing terms and information on meat inspection, storage and handling, meat cut-out weight, and photos of common retail beef and pork cuts.
Remonde said there is no report of local swine flu infestation from the Bureau of Animal Industry and the National Meat Inspection Commission.