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Therefore, the fatty acid composition of animal ingredients (poultry viscera meal, meat meal, blood meal) present at higher concentration in VP0 and VP25 formulations may have decreased the digestibility of lipids, and it can reflect the lower lipid concentration of fish carcasses that fed these diets.
Meat meal and meat and bone meal (MBM) have been similarly defined except that MBM contains more bone and the P level is 4.
The by-products such as rice meal, wheat and soybean, meat meal, bone, feathers, viscera, fats are also commonly used in feed formulation.
The nine-strong Kingstontown Authentic Jamaican Meals range, in Tesco now, comprises five chicken-based meals, one goat meat meal, one oxtail and two vegetarian options (rsps between [pounds sterling]4.
September 29 2010 -- Spanish bone meal, meat meal and poultry meal producer Dasy Organizacion is to invest more than EUR 20 million in a new meat meal plant, it has been announced.
Earlier, on September 5, 2007, the Chief Justice had ordered the FBR to collect samples from bone and meat meal importers and exporters and test them for traces of pork.
Cut out one meat meal a week and you could save nearly pounds 500 a year.
Mushrooms are one of the most popular vegetables for a free-from meat meal base, and the combination of cheese, leek and potato in the new Grills has considerable appetite appeal.
While either a casual dairy or meat meal can be served to break the Yom Kippur fast, a meatless meal is preferred by many, notes Woodland Hills resident Faye Levy, author of ``Jewish Cooking for Dummies,'' ``because many consider such a repast lighter on the digestion after an entire day without food.
Anything noted as 'milk' cannot be used at a meat meal.
The diet consists of bagels and cheese in the morning, one meat meal and an evening meal of beans and rice.