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The new APEX Screener is the smart solution for dry separation screening of chemicals, fertilizers, clay/non-metallic minerals, industrial sand, salt/potash/soda ash, food processing, sugar, crushed minerals, refractory, water filter/treatment, feed pellets, meat meal, bakeries and cereals, corn processing, starch, sweeteners, forest products, commodity pellets, resin, pet food, oil seed processing, grain cleaning, engineered pellets, metal powder, rubber processing, soaps and detergents.
In essence, the meat department needs to have each potential meat meal product available in each of the three formats: prepared, value-added and fresh.
December, 1988: Meat meal identified as the only feasible cause of BSE.
The normally-vegetarian 17 monks at Nunraw Abbey in east Lothian have a herd of 400 cows, and they had a meat meal as a protest against the BSE scare.
A committee report calls for acceleration of the studies currently under way "which clearly show that the use of meat meal from non-ruminants can be used in pig and poultry feed without posing any danger to human health.
Our products DO NOT contain any bone meal or meat meal.
Inspectors in China are performing hundreds of post mortem tests on hundreds of imported cows, their offspring and all cattle fed with foreign-made bone or meat meal, according to the state run China Daily Newspaper.
Rana Iqbal Husain, chairman of the APSEA briefed about the imported meat meal containing undesirable ingredients and pig fats.
The result is a 'must' for any cook who wants to get up to speed with vegetarian cooking, or who wants to supplement a meat meal with main course, hearty and appealing vegetarian dishes.
The fertiliser on which the girl was working was said to consist of bone meal, dried blood, sulphate of ammonia, basic slag, and meat meal.