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Push the starter button and the new engine wakes up with a meatier note.
There's also a hint of spice that is able to deal with the meatier food.
Their pockets will not hold tools but their fit gives way for legs of a meatier, more muscular, dare we say, American variety.
Here's hoping the Scott Brown senatorial campaign is cooking up a meatier message to offer viewers and listeners, so he can drive home for Massachusetts voters his positions on fiscal responsibility, a bipartisan approach to health care, support for veterans and the military effort in Afghanistan, and other important issues.
The first half had brought meatier stuff, with a neatly-judged Holst Perfect Fool ballet music, a flowing Delius On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring, and an appropriately sardonic yet tender Walton Viola Concerto, Lawrence Power the dark-hued soloist communicating gripping urgency, Wilson's orchestra taut and springy in its collaboration.
I watch a lot of online video and one thing I'm noticing is that as newspaper sites get better at the medium, the longer and meatier the spots get.
He said: "I looked my best ten years ago and that's the look I'm after now, perhaps a little meatier.
Hudson has the theoretically meatier role of mistreated, righteously angry Effie, and for a first-time movie actress with such an important part, she's very good.
An acceptance of these points will hopefully put an end to the prevalence of strawmen in the debate, and focus attention on meatier issues.
Drew Holnagel knows lipslides are meatier than boardslides.
If we can't agree on testing, I am convinced we won't broach the meatier issues affecting high-school students.
The company reckons Nobby's Cuts will give the snack much greater mainstream appeal, especially among men looking for a meatier alternative to crisps and nuts.