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At Restaurante La Recala we ate gourmet tapas, including the freshest tuna, the meatiest swordfish and the most delicious artichoke chips fried in light batter.
Carrey's departure from the Pellington-directed "Henry Poole" -- which opened in limited release Friday -- left Wilson, 37, with the meatiest dramatic role of his career.
The print product, long one of the meatiest daily and Sunday print versions, will likely get smaller and, hopefully, its Web presence will become greater.
That treatment, in turn, sets the table for many of the meatiest, most satisfying chapters to come: including, Alexander's sharp study of Mary Sidney's literary efforts, as skilled translator and zealous guardian of her dead brother's fame, to have what the title calls "The Last Word" about Philip Sidney; and including, too, Alexander's penetrating examination of that poet of "mental confusion and darkness," Fulke Greville, the most brilliant of all the Sidney circle writers, to whom "[o]ur perception of Sidney as a dealer in paradoxes and polarities .
Former ER actress Alex Kingston, above, stars in one of her meatiest roles as the legendary warrior queen, who single-handedly tried to bring down Emperor Nero.
IRISH heartthrob Ciaran McMenamin is about to sink his teeth into his meatiest role yet - as a crazed cannibal convict who eats all his fellow prisoners.
A section on 'Historical Contexts' is the first and meatiest of five constituent parts.
The Air Force's meatiest doctrine publication, AFDD 2 describes much of what the service does at the operational level of war.
The plan to give the European Community powers on police and judicial cooperation on criminal matters is probably the meatiest part of the European Commission's new paper on the future of Europe (see separate article).
The second, and meatiest section of the book (about 60 pages), is a presentation of selected Ojibwa stories or narratives collected by William Jones west and north of Lake Superior in the early 1900s.
Spanky would call out to the meatiest of meatheads.
Levine and regarded by connoisseurs as one of the genre's meatiest and most disquieting (if titillatingly so) titles, the volume traces the otherwise standard adolescent rebellion (sex, drugs, and angst-driven interest in the occult) of sixteen-year-old Marlene Olive to its improbable outcome as she, with the help of her boyfriend, murders her parents and burns their bodies in an attempt to cover up the crime.