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In addition, the four economic traits (C18:l, SFAs, MUFAs, and MS) that affect the evaluation criteria for Hanwoo, particularly the flavor and meatiness of beef were considered.
As it is well known, meatiness is closely related to body weight, which, in turn, is due to the degree of tissues growth intensity that ensures meatiness [10].
It just doesn't make sense and the meatiness of the sound effect is vastly downplayed by the uselessness of the guns.
According to Keane (and perhaps Charles Peirce, much earlier), "[s]emiotic form can include such things as the sounds of words, the constraints of speech genres, the perishability of books, the replicable shapes of money, the replicable shapes of money, the meatiness of animals, the feel of cloth, the shape of houses, musical tones, the fleshiness of human bodies and the habits of physical gestures" (Keane, Christian Moderns, pp.
The best Sunday gravy simmers on the stove for hours, permitting the ingredients (the meat choices are seemingly limitless) to infuse the sauce with an unparalleled meatiness that no quickie marinara could ever hope to replicate.
In formulating its recipe, Tulip had focused on the key taste factors such as succulence, meatiness and seasoning, he added.
The carmenere is great with barbecued meat as the powerful flavours will counter the charred meatiness deliciously.
I liked meatiness on my pizzas, and I liked the tang and bite of pickled chillies.
I feel audiences want to delve into the meatiness of the piece.
The texture of soy products is such that it combines the meatiness we carnivores simply love to sink our teeth into without ceasing to be vegetarian.
The usual blocks such as haggling over the pay cheque or debating the meatiness of his role were not a part of the picture.