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Analysis of benefits related to the increase of porker meatiness and losses caused by meat quality deterioration (in Polish).
The man's belly bulges a little over his magnificent jeweled belt; carved folds of clothing emphasize the meatiness of hips and legs, both male and female.
The only incentive would be the greater meatiness and rapid growth of sheep, together with the goat's wider appetite for woody vegetation.
Moist and tender chicken bathed in herbs, alcohol and pear juice was blanketed with thick pear slices whose own meatiness only accentuated the richness of the chicken.
And, though certain panel members questioned the cheese, the sauce, the somewhat soggy bottom bun and a possibility of over-saltiness in the Big King, there was no doubt that this burger's extra meatiness gave it the nod over its famous counterpart.
An order of spare ribs ($4) brings forth a trio of them, definitely zippy in flavor, but inconsistent in meatiness.
And there is no question that the most appealing aspects of these mushrooms, beyond scale, are their meatiness and intense flavor.
Despite Digges's tempestuously paced lines, there's a meatiness, a chunky sensuality here that offsets "Rough Music"'s savagery.
DARK red in colour with a smell of ripe berry fruits and some meatiness at the edge.
Other sections look at meatiness and barbecues, fruit and other foods, flowers and essential oils, and animal smells.
Sourced from the Sonoma Coast, this wine is bursting with fruit and earth flavors, which blend well with the meatiness of the ribs and the tang of the barbeque sauce.
Furthermore, the level of cortisol is an individual characteristic of each animal (Mormede, 2007) and it affects the amount of fat in the body, meatiness, and thus, carcass quality (Foury et al.