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MACHINE. A contrivance which serves to apply or regulate moving power; or it is a tool more or less complicated, which is used to render useful natural instruments, Clef. des Lois Rom. h.t.
     2. The act of congress gives to inventors the right to obtain a patent right for any new and useful improvement on any art, machine, manufacture, &c. Act of congress, July 4, 1836, s. 6. See Pet. C. C. 394; 3 Wash. C. C. 443; 1 Wash. C. C. 108; 1 Wash. C. C. 168; 1 Mason, 447; Paine, 300; 4 Wash. C. C. 538; 1 How. U. S., 202; S. C. 17 Pet. 228; 2 McLean, 176.

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Mechanical advantage in wheelchair lever propulsion: effect on physical strain and efficiency, journal of rehabilitation research and development.
Students should be able to explain that using additional rope segments increases the mechanical advantage of the pulley, making it easier to lift more cans.
KEY WORDS: Carcinus maenas, Cancer magister, claw morphology, prey consumption, feeding rates, mechanical advantage, Mytilus trossulus, Ostrea lurida, green crab, Dungeness crab
The Cybertech MAT, a Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet produced by Bio Cybernetics International (BCI), proved to be a challenging design project that required a partner that could easily adapt to the specific needs of the medical device company.
An athlete using this prosthetic blade has a demonstrable mechanical advantage (more than 30%) when compared to someone not using the blade.
With this explanation, there does seem to be an unfair mechanical advantage to Bond's prosthetic exoskeleton.
The Toggle-Aire 16-ton pneumatic toggle press is a benchtop unit that employs a mechanical advantage to create increasing ram forces as it completes its 1.
First, adding a specific weight to a precise location on the cam creates a flywheel effect, exaggerating the mechanical advantage of an off-center or eccentric cam.
The wheel on the Wovel has a diameter of 36 inches--possibly enhancing leverage and the mechanical advantage.
Chapter 7, "Games and Explorations III: Monkeying Around with the Voice," is about a position or posture referred to as the "monkey" in which all the parts are in dynamic balance, thus being at a mechanical advantage to the singer.
The beauty is that the effort applied to the wheels is relatively small compared to the mechanical advantage achieved, which is equal to the ratio of the radius of the wheel to the radius of the axle.
While it is impossible to ideally match everyone's exact points of mechanical advantage and disadvantage along their specific strength curve, the slight variance in resistance usually provides the lifter with a more evenly distributed load throughout the exercise's range of motion.