mechanical aid

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We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aids, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn, which does not forsake us in our soundest sleep.
The patient was referred to the hospital while he was in severe pain, after a metal piece of a mechanical aid to help him urinate got lodged in his private part, thereby raising the risk of infection spreading.
Another mechanical aid in plaque control is the use of interdental toothbrush to clean below the arch wire and in wide interdental areas which are easier for use than the dental floss which is difficult to be used below and around arch wires.
Ill, a difficult sonata, without mechanical aid" (61), even though the characters in the novel itself often remark on her unusual passion and skill.
Expounding on David Hockney's proposition that the seventeenth-century Dutch wizard used the mechanical aid of something like a camera obscura to make his paintings, lenison creates a system of mirrors and lenses that could have been used in the 1600s to produce optically implausible works.
They were treated to a levitation trick worthy of any David Blaine illusion; 22 million gallons of water flooded into the lock in less than 10 minutes without the need for pumps or any mechanical aid, lifting Infinity and a container ship in the second channel alongside, as if by magic.
That was a cheeky reference to the jokes made recently that his Red Bull was somehow being assisted by some form of mechanical aid, given his crushing dominance during the race in Singapore last month as he won his third consecutive race.
The rule is that you must run non-stop for at least one mile (1.6km), each day, "under one's own body power (without the utilisation of any type of health or mechanical aid other than prosthetic devices)", without crutches, canes, banisters, or in swimming pools.
after all only the opposable thumb a mechanical aid to those who write
Flares were lit and thrown, one of them arcing 70 or 80 yards from the stand behind goal, landing almost on the halfway line a the result, surely, of some mechanical aid rather than a bionic arm.
Where a mechanical aid or safety equipment is needed it is important to ensure that it is suitable for the job and also conforms to standards if necessary.
The 17-handicapper managed, without any mechanical aid, four full rounds in four countries in just one day.

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