mechanical drawing

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A last step of the operation of Reverse Engineering has been made by the mechanical drawing 2D of the model CAD 3D obtained for the realisation of the hysterical piece.
Albert studied mechanical drawing with me for three-and-three-quarter years.
Alan is telling me about his two-year stint in Nigeria in the 1980s where he taught mechanical drawing in a boys' boarding school.
A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, she was a lifelong artist and a taught drawing, painting and mechanical drawing at Troy Conference Academy and Green Mount Junior College in Poultney, VT.
When I attended engineering school back in the late 1950s, sketching was included as part of the mechanical drawing curriculum.
He completed carpentry, cabinet making and mechanical drawing classes at Worcester Trade Extension Classes for Men in Worcester.
Capability: GraphX Version 20 is a mechanical drawing program for drafters, mechanical design engineers, and manufacturing engineers.
Introduction to engineering design, a mechanical drawing course that teaches students to use three-dimensional drawing software, is being taught by physics teacher Scott Bartholomew.
Soon after, his mother found a design of a skateboard park from one of Ryan's mechanical drawing classes.
Essentially a sort of mechanical drawing in space with an exploded view that shows all the individual parts, it is based on the dichotomies inside/outside and organic/inorganic.
The various mechanical design configurations for Catia version 4 range in price from $6000 for a mechanical drawing solution to $40,000 for an advanced assembly design solution.