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Naeeem Khan said that final year project is a regular feature of mechanical engineering. He however lamented over the fact that industry for not getting engaged with academia where cost-effective solutions could be offered to solve their technical problems.
Mechanical and other engineers describe how mathematical concepts are applied in mechanical engineering and mechatronics.
Paul Gregory, of Edgerton-based Mechanical Engineering Ventures, said: "Our client base has grown significantly over the past two years and we now have 18 staff based across two offices in Huddersfield and India.
"Mechanical engineering education programs should be configured somewhat more flexibly in ways that allow students to pursue their passion," the report says.
A panel of judges from Mechanical Engineering Department evaluated the projects based on their presentation and work efficiency.
Tom Price, a secondyear mechanical engineering apprentice has been named as the Institute of Mechanical Engineers' apprentice of the year for the Merseyside and North Wales region, thanks to his "work ethic, outstanding attitude and high standard of work".
22 (Petra) -- Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour opened the Eighth Jordanian International Mechanical Engineering Conference on Monday, organized by Jordan Engineers Association's (JEA) Mechanical Engineering Division.
In addition, major development targets for the mechanical engineering industry in the Customs Union and mechanical engineering inter-agency clusters were considered.
The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Coating of Metals and Mechanical Engineering market at a national level.
Mago, the Tennessee Valley Authority professor of mechanical engineering, has been selected as a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Former Royal High School pupil Matthew Calder, 18, landed the Institution of Mechanical Engineers undergraduate scholarship, which will contribute PS1000 per year towards his mechanical engineering studies at Strathclyde University.
Wickert (mechanical engineering, Iowa State U.) and Lewis (mechanical and aerospace engineering, State U.

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