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RESTRAINT. Something which prevents us from doing what we would desire to do.
     2. Restraint is lawful and unlawful. It is lawful when its object is to prevent the violation of the law, or the rights of others. It is unlawful when it is used to prevent others from doing a lawful act; for example, when one binds himself not to trade generally; but an agreement not to trade in a particular place is lawful. A legacy given in restraint of marriage, or on condition that the legatee shall not marry, is good, and the condition alone is void. The Roman civil law agrees with ours in this respect; a legacy given on condition that the legatee shall not marry is void. Clef des Lois Rom. mot Passion. See Condition; Limitation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Psychiatric patients experiences with mechanical restraints: An interview study.
In addition, only one state, Hawaii, allowed restraint to "restrain a student from wrongdoing." Interestingly, nearly a third of the policies (9 states) specifically forbid the use of mechanical restraints while five (Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Utah) allowed for its use but only under specific conditions, including: (a) self-injurious behaviors, (b) when stipulated in the individual education plan, (IEP), and (c) on the bus (bus harness).
Practice patterns related to mechanical restraint across a multi-institutional health care system.
Mechanical restraint use among residents of skilled nursing home facilities: Prevalence, patterns and predictors.
During 2001, the nine hospitals combined used a total of 1,440 hours of mechanical restraint and 290 hours of seclusion.
Unlike its neighbour, the asylum eschewed mechanical restraint of its inmates, widely practised elsewhere, where the imbalance between staff and inmates made straitjacket and handcuffs a cheap and convenient way of keeping order.
Senate Bill 72 would order the State Board of Education to implement rules banning mechanical restraints or medication to limit a child's movements without a doctor's authorization.
The Virginia Treatment Center for Children in Richmond, Va., has built its treatment philosophy around never using mechanical restraints on its patients.
Those members selected to be part of a ship's naval boarding party must undergo extensive weapons training using the Sig Sauer handgun, MP5 machine gun, Remington 870 shotgun, C8, pepper spray, ASP baton and mechanical restraints.

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