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The concern of the Lucas technical director, as portrayed to me at the time however, was a lack of belief in the principle of the mechanical traction drive itself and not in its application.
It works very well because there was a mechanical traction element and it would actually scrub the surface of the rock and allow you to gain some traction," Mr.
The panel found insufficient evidence to support the use of mechanical traction for patient global improvement and return to work.
Some patients may need to undergo mechanical traction, in which a roller pushes down and over the spine, Jones said.
Mechanical traction testing and laboratory abrasion test results were considered the most important test results in this round of evaluation.
Using the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Back Pain Recognition Program (BPRP) as its framework, the SCP provided patients with the five care options cited as the most effective in the back pain literature: spinal manipulation, extension and flexion directional preference exercises, core stabilization exercises, and mechanical traction.
Contract award notice: construction and delivery of a terrain wechsellader vehicle with mechanical traction device for the professional fire magdeburg.

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