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When these valves fail, some mechanics find it easier to pull the part number from the failed valve and use it to order a new one.
The airline presented what it called its "last best offer" to mechanics, but the deal is expected to be rejected by the mechanics' union, the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association.
Today, Groman and Philip Struyk, an aviation maintenance technology instructor, pass along all they have learned in about 30 years of teaching aircraft mechanics.
Because of the unique footwork of the trailing fullback and the mechanics of the quarterback, we generally run the drop option out of an I formation.
Textile structure and mechanics are fundamental to the way textiles are designed, manufactured, tested and used.
Teamster mechanics have voted to reject United Airlines' final offer and to authorize a strike, the union said.
The position with Northwest, the fifth largest American airline, is much the same as Delta but an ongoing strike by mechanics further complicates the situation.
Pinnacle and Mesaba, Northwest Airlines' regional carriers, have said that they will fly 100% of their scheduled services if the Northwest Airlines mechanics go on strike.
Mechanics, before you pack up and head to the sand box on a long deployment, make sure you have everything you need for aircraft maintenance.
Mechanics, represented by the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association, voted 579-509 to approve the contract with the Dallas-based carrier, the union said.
For interactions of such particles, the quantum mechanics theory that Bohr was helping to establish happens to yield predictions that at high energies match exactly those of classical physics.
The Success Mechanics Are Hosting a 2-Day, Small Business Seminar at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida