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The project envisages mechanisation of EQ 1, 2 and 3 Berths to increase their capacity from the existing 7.
According to experts, it has largely been governments that have attempted to take on the challenge, but the outcome has traditionally been uninspiring: "In many cases where governments established tractor-hire schemes to serve small-scale farmers, planning was very short term and management was poorly trained and poorly supported;' according to UNIDO's Agricultural Mechanisation in Africa report.
The first research hypothesis states that the levels of mechanisation of excavation and concrete operations are not significantly different.
Of the five areas considered Liverpool fails all, including no single-floor working capacity or room for new mechanisation.
Opening the Third Session of the Sixth Parliament of Zimbabwe on 24 July, President Mugabe said the mechanisation programme, which will cost US$25m, will complement the government's ongoing dam construction and irrigation development programme.
Subjects studied include land-based business, biological science, sustainable development and ecology, animal health and welfare, livestock production, mechanisation, integrated crop production and combinable crops.
The beginnings of complete mechanisation and rationalisation of the industry from the early twentieth century onwards marked the emergence of the third type of labour relations, one which Welskopp calls the 'crew' system.
Leontiefs (1951, 1966) inpu-output system provides a framework measure the overall effect of farm mechanisation employment an income.
Presently, the Philippines has a farm mechanisation level of 57 horsepower for every hectare.
Mechanisation has the potential to significantly contribute to a sustained growth of the agribusiness sector, and various actors are running large-scale projects to help this process, bringing new land into cultivation and boosting productivity in existing and new farms.
Which group of people in England were against mechanisation and sabotaged machinery in the early 19th century?
Aberpergwm drift mine tonnages are expected to be ahead of the forecast 22,000 tonnes of saleable coal as a result of the introduction of mechanisation earlier than anticipated.