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He also designed a new trigger mechanist safeties (thumb and magazine) and, to reduce the size of the grip, the magazine capacity was lowered to 13 rounds.
If there are problems, the mechanist locates the part that is broken (i.
Thus, as "the working part of his tool bit [was] to the production mechanist, so was the letter V to Young Stencil" (61).
The reception of Darwinism continued the materialism debate in its essential points, and therefore it does not astonish that the proximity to mechanist or materialist positions remained one of the most disputed points in the discussion of Darwinism in Germany.
He also accepts (in line with Lenin's critique of Ernst Mach) that abandoning mechanist materialism altogether is tantamount to total rejection of the materialistic solution, including its dialectic persuasion.
Training courses include construction material laboratory technician, civil draughtsman, basic civil surveyor, mechanic, heavy machinery operator, electrician, turner mechanist, carpenter, building painter, steel fixer, plumber, sanitary and brick layer/mason.
The mechanist rationality adopted marginalizes the real source of the value of mental health services, of practitioners and their social institutions.
In fact, it is Daizy's idea to engage the theatre's mechanist to circulate the smell of pickled herring during each of his entrances on stage.
Other delegation members are senior team coach Abdulla Jaber, youth team coach Mohammed Fadhel, junior team coach Naji Ahmed, mechanist Mohammed Hussain and physiotherapist/masseur Jamal Yousef.
The Polish Don Quixote is a theater mechanist, in green overalls, working backstage in a puppet theater with his assistant Sancho.
Geison, "The Protoplasmic Theory of Life and the Vitalist Mechanist Debate," Isis 60 (1969), 284.
In the transition from a theory of the political animal, naturally inclined to sociability (Aristote), to a mechanist vision of human nature, made up of movement and competition (Hobbes), it is the anthropological underpinnings of politics which come to be rethought.

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