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The three scientists were jointly awarded the prize "for mechanistic studies of DNA repair.
At some point a mechanistic model of nature became a metaphysics.
Yet, it also introduces and argues for what turns out to be a foundational issue for Braude, the inadequacy of mechanistic theory.
With an account of computational explanation as mechanistic explanation in hand, Milkowski then turns to the question: how can a physical system represent something outside itself?
Mechanistic solidarity has emerged as a more effective means to mobilize people and resources.
IPA-Tox also links expression data to clinical pathology endpoints for mechanistic hypotheses generation and identification of mechanism of toxicity.
If the three works that preceded Soft Materials are structural in their self-reflexivity, thereby aligning themselves with the mechanistic pole of Martin's dyad, the two that she has made subsequently avail themselves of rudimentary narrative, drama, and even myth.
Silber needn't worry that the mechanistic thesis poses a threat.
Smith explores our odd human desire to explain every phenomenon in a mechanistic fashion and reminds us why this line of reasoning is counterproductive to learning.
The first manuscript details an intercomparison exercise that was successful in providing extensive measurements of sufficient quality needed to construct mechanistic models of memory effects in the mass spectrometers.
Unlike the psychologically liberating trains of Blues music, the novel's trains are naturalistic symbols suggesting how most of Allen's characters are determined by a mechanistic social environment, a labyrinth of "rails" which they ride to their destruction.
But it also makes a virtue out of his usual weakness, an almost mechanistic disinterest in the human side of storytelling, ``Thelma & Louise'' being the notable exception.