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The three scientists were jointly awarded the prize "for mechanistic studies of DNA repair.
At some point a mechanistic model of nature became a metaphysics.
Yet, it also introduces and argues for what turns out to be a foundational issue for Braude, the inadequacy of mechanistic theory.
With an account of computational explanation as mechanistic explanation in hand, Milkowski then turns to the question: how can a physical system represent something outside itself?
However, the mathematical models are collected under two classes: emprical and mechanistic models (Lopez et al.
A dramatic manifestation of the mechanistic pattern of solidarity is now emerging in Syria, as well.
The development of the MQM grew out of decades of experience in physiological mechanistic modeling and communicating modeling results to drug development decision makers.
In The Precarious Human Role in a Mechanistic Universe, he looks forward to secularism gaining progressively more ground over the next few generations.
It is the two sides of the same coin to understand complexity and to challenge traditional ways of mechanistic thinking.
I present here a spreadsheet that uses the p value, the observed value of the effect and smallest substantial values for the effect to make two kinds of magnitude-based inference: mechanistic and clinical.
The camera circles around them, coming in closer for a more intimate view, then pulling back to a more detached distance, while always maintaining a constant and therefore mechanistic circumambulatory pace, as if some purely scientific interest in these outlandish and comical creatures, these humans, were mixed with a more prurient fascination.
Fortunately, he argues, John Searle (in Mind: A Brief Introduction) and Jeff Hawkins (in On Intelligence) have shown the mechanistic thesis is false, so we needn't worry.