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The minister acknowledged the Belarusian progress in farm mechanization and underscored the need for transfer of technology.
Alamasi, in the article titled " fundamental indicators in planning for the development of agricultural mechanization " and " effective and basic factors in the agricultural mechanism development program " knows the National Development along with the development of industrial and more importantly agricultural development, for example, the industrialized countries of the West, Japan and even China are also discussed.
Though we are witnessing considerable progress in farm mechanization, its spread across the length and breadth of our country still remains uneven.
Some mass mechanization technologies are also available in specialty crop production.
Where: LAB = Availability of labour (Mandays); INC = Income of farmers (N); EXT = Extent of cultivation (Ha); WAG = Wage rate (N); EXP = Expenditure on improved technologies (N); MEC = Adoption of mechanization (1, if adopted; 0, if otherwise); HER = Adoption of herbicide applications (1, if adopted; 0, if otherwise); INS = Adoption of insecticides application (1, if adopted; 0, if otherwise); IMP = Adoption of improved seedlings (1, if adopted; 0, if otherwise); SPA = Adoption of improved spacing (1, if adopted; 0, if otherwise); [e.
Florida orange growers are also finding themselves having to adopt mechanization to stay in business in the face of both increased competition from Brazil, where growers have abundant cheap labor and less costly regulations to comply with than in the United States, and a glut of oranges on the world market.
IN THE GRINGO IMAGINATION, THE Mexican peasant and his burro go together like beans and rice, but in the real Mexico, decades of agricultural mechanization have made donkeys a rare sight.
Secondly, as industrialization is the history of successive forms of mechanization, we must deal with the changing nature of the technology used in the performance of these activities.
Staffed with highly experienced engineers, FS&D offers both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries professional assistance in rationalizing labor intensive processes by mechanization and automation in order to become competitive.
is a holding company owned by the Morra family, which has been operating in the agricultural mechanization sector for three generations.
Part I, "In the Machine," is a lyrical tale of the supernatural set in New York City at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution when the concept of mechanization looms so large that each piece of equipment actually takes on a life of its own.
This collection of remixes chronicling an epoch--specifically, the Reagan era--is composed of small gems, like the video about the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, The Games: Olympic Variations, 1984, with its simultaneous eroticization and mechanization of the body.

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