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We began working on mechanization because we knew that cost and availability of labor would one day drive a need for a system that would help keep down input costs," Morris said.
So begins a 1960 book on agricultural mechanization.
Mechanization is further applied to substantially reduce packing by incorporating robots that pick and pack up to 75% of throughput; 25% is handled manually.
The change from physical, hand labor to mechanization is another, with automation coming on fast.
Herdt (1985) Farm Mechanization Strategies in an Economy-wide Model: Indonesia.
The United Mine Workers, formed in 1890, at first ignored and later supported mechanization to encourage productivity and to counter business charges that unions were obstructionist.
The rapid trend by several Less Developed Countries (LDC's) towards labor-substitution mechanization and capital intensiveness in agriculture seems to ignore and contradict the familiar assumption by students of international and development economics that the cost of an economic factor, such as labor, will be cheaper in those economies that possess a relative abundance of the resource since it will imply a cheaper cost.
It is envisaged the construction of stationary metal structures in the area of the stage bearing stage mechanization (galleries, Technical ceiling, Portal zone and service stairs).
SIALKOT -- Punjab government has mapped out a plan for the promotion of Agriculture mechanization programme to enhance production and to track agriculture sector on modern line in the province.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) has recently convened stakeholders across Mindanao for a consultation and drafting of the Regional Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization Plan (RAFMechP) to enhance and fasttrack the adoption of farm mechanization in the country.
Aside from mechanization, more than 2,000 workers will also be engaged.

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