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confirming that the implementation of mechanized long-hole stoping should be
We are committed to technological leadership in this industry and are very confident in the future of mechanized irrigation," Corso said.
PASDEC was endeavoring mechanized quarrying practices in the country that include diamond wire saw, chainsaw machines for precise cutting and bench quarrying, he added.
Mechanized farming can also help improve country's earning in foreign exchange through exports, Mahr Abid said.
collectively accounted for more than half of the global mechanized irrigation systems market and are focusing on strengthening their product range.
Exercise Gangneva, which was conducted at the Mahajan Field Firing Range here as part of the drill, saw both Indian and Russian mechanized troops capture a notional rebel strong point by fire assault of attack helicopters, tanks and BMPs.
During the 20 years since the first edition, both the technology and the hands-on experience of mechanized shield tunneling have grown significantly, and some second-generation authors join the original ones to summarize the current practice in a type of tunnel that can be built with very little impairment to surface structures.
Financial success from growing these plantations depends on obtaining the highest value recovery at the lowest harvest cost, which has motivated a gradual shift toward mechanized harvesting.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's largest car-manufacturing company, Iran-Khodro, declared that it plans to launch the largest cylinder machining workshop and mechanized warehouse in the Middle-East.
Referring to the mechanizing of Iran customs, he said the country has enjoyed mechanized systems in its customs since 15 years ago.
And last Friday a parade was held to formally recognise the homecoming of 4th Mechanized Brigade, which recently finished a six-month tour in Iraq based in Basra.
The powermax45, a single-gas plasma cutting and gouging system, is designed for both hand-held and mechanized applications.
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