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Canadian ice skater Gary Beacom burst onto the world scene when he competed for his country at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, in the former Yugoslavia, Television commentator and 1976 Olympic bronze medalist Toller Cranston called Beacom a "mad genius," adding that his skating was choreographically "so far ahead of its time that it leaves the judges without any knowledge as to what to do.
0 is available at no additional cost on all new Agilent Medalist i3070 systems, which will begin shipping March 2007, and is also available free-of-charge to existing Agilent ICT customers on software upgrade contract.
The Medalist compounds are also said to be more stable in extrusion, and in injection molding, their improved processability means that the customer can lower the pressures to reduce the likelihood of defects when molding over delicate circuitry.
Other top competitors include the three medalists from the 2008 Olympics - Oksana Menkova of Belarus, Yipsi Moreno of Cuba, and Wenxiu Zhang of China - plus Americans' Jessica Cosby and Amber Campbell.
The firm says it discovered that Medalist 500 Series compounds can be adapted for this process, and has carried out a lot of research and development work with the manufacturer of Medalist TPEs to optimize the production and properties of the calendered films.
m: Olympic silver medalist Sheena Tosta, two-time World Championships silver medalist Lashinda Demus and recent World Championships bronze medalist Josanne Lucas of Trinidad star.
A copy of "Bead Probe Handbook: Successfully Implementing Agilent Medalist Bead Probes in Practice" is included with each license.
The new Medalist elastomers for wire and cable provide rubber-like toughness and elasticity and, unlike rubber, are readily recycled," said Keith Saunders, senior market manager for the Thermoplastic Elastomer Division of Teknor Apex.
The hottest area golfer during the playoffs was a three-time team postseason medalist whose 77 in SoCal Regionals just missed state-tournament qualification.
The Agilent Medalist SJ50 Series 3 is a cost-effective, fast, easy-to-use and highly reliable imaging platform that provides full coverage that can be flexibly deployed," said Bernadette Duffy, Agilent's marketing manager for AOI.
Plas-Tech uses Teknor Apex's Medalist medical elastomers instead of thermoset rubber for the tiny plunger tips or seals that prevent drugs in the tube or barrel of the syringe from flowing backward as the plunger is depressed.
They'll be joined by 2008 Olympic silver medalist Sherone Simpson and 200-meter Olympic gold medalist Veronica Campbell-Brown.