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The four-day event will feature many of the world's best international snowboard and freeski athletes, including all eight superpipe and slopestyle gold medalists from the Sochi Olympics.
The Medalist compounds are also said to be more stable in extrusion, and in injection molding, their improved processability means that the customer can lower the pressures to reduce the likelihood of defects when molding over delicate circuitry.
Kenya's Milcah Chemos will return for the 40th Pre Classic May 30-31 at Hayward Field, highlighting a field that includes all three medalists from the 2013 IAAF World Championships, as well as U.
As a Medalist medical elastomer, the new gel compound is free of latex, phthalates, or animal-derived components, and complies with FDA, California Proposition 65, CONEG, and REACH requirements for medical applications.
The returning All-Area selection also secured medalist honors in fourleague matches and has said she will play at San Diego State next year.
The Medalist i5000 reduces typical bits-to-production cycle time to five to seven days for a medium-complexity PCBA, rather than the nine or 10 days required by competing testers.
The Agilent Medalist x6000 AXI reduces customers' manufacturing conversion costs without compromising defect-detection capability.
Men's Senior Silver Medalist - Byul Yun, Republic of Korea
Tests are said to have shown that Medalist MD-500 Series TPEs provide a number of property improvements over PVC, along with substantial savings in weight and cost, according to the company.
The two-time reigning gold medalist was unbeaten last year and owns a PR of 69-8 1/4.
1) Two-time Olympic gold medalist Dot Richardson, above, shows softball players how to grip a bat at the instructional session at Marie Kerr Park in Palmdale on Saturday.
The final medalist, 21-year-old Juilliard student Park, won fourth prize and $5,000.