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You only need look at the British campaign for a National Defence Medal, which gives excellent coverage of many (but not all) of the UKs outstanding medallic grievances, and suggests a workable pragmatic way forward, their ministers won't even meet them
Accordingly, an examination is undertaken of the roles played by Count Henri de Baillet-Latour, President of the International Olympic Committee; Melville Marks "Bobby" Robinson, Chairman of the Committee of Management for the First British Empire Games; Johann Wienecke, medallic artist of the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games commemoration medal; and finally, the Olympic victory medals struck for the Games of 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912, and 1920.
Kristin Lippincott explores the relationship between imprese and Quattrocento medallic reverses through a concise history of heraldic imagery.
Philip, moreover, took the distinguished Italian medallist and jeweller Jacopo Nizolla da Trezzo to London, where Trezzo carved his masterpiece, the full-length medallic portrait of Queen Mary, signed and dated 1555.
One of our goals in purchasing The Franklin Mint was to re-invigorate the company's powerful and historic coin and medallic art business; an area that has great significance to our loyal consumers who have collected Franklin Mint coins and passed them on from generation to generation," said M.
The obverse (heads side) of the Thomas Jefferson $1 Coin was designed and sculpted by Joe Menna, a United States Mint Medallic Artist.
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