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Forgive all my meddlesome chatter and forget my advice.
This has been a single estate for hundreds and hundreds of years, and if you or any meddlesome mountebank comes here and talks of cutting it up like a cake, if I ever hear a word more of you and your leveling lies--"
Though Napoleon, by subordinating all things and all men to his will, retarded for a time the influence of bureaucracy (that ponderous curtain hung between the service to be done and the man who orders it), it was permanently organized under the constitutional government, which was, inevitably, the friend of all mediocrities, the lover of authentic documents and accounts, and as meddlesome as an old tradeswoman.
We've all heard of monsters-in-law, in-laws who are meddlesome, aggravating and manipulative - the kind that pose as a potential threat and nightmare to every married couple.
The US meddlesome policy in Iran's internal affairs will not remain unanswered," Rezayee wrote on his Twitter account on Sunday.
We are therefore calling on the South East caucus of the National Assembly and the South East Governors to rise up to the task of true representations and save the livelihoods of hundreds of families who would be direct and indirect recipients of the evil paycheck this meddlesome episode portend for our people, Ndi Igbo,' it added.
Tracey Ullman is a definite hit as meddlesome Aunt Juley, and Matthew Macfadyen brings understated pomposity to Henry Wilcox.
Tehran -- Spokesman of Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Ghasemi advised the Americans to put an end to their meddlesome policies in Middle Eastern countries.
Summary: This was about the forgotten countryside, the slow, meddlesome one, the one that is gradually being depleted year-after-year of people who wanted to stay there .
That won't stop meddlesome Nigel elbowing his way into the picture, the third person in a There is a precedent for bizarre diplomatic appointments.
Meddlesome did next to nothing in three maidens last season, but his comeback third at Brighton over a longer trip was a little more like it.
They denounced the Iranian officials' meddlesome statements which fuel tensions in Bahrain, contravene the principles of good neighborliness, international laws and norms and trespass on the UN and Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) charters.