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It's a good thing Rachel Lynde got a calling down; she's a meddlesome old gossip," was Matthew's consolatory rejoinder.
He thought he'd poke round a bit--Captain Jim was always meddlesome, just like a man--and he went to inquiring round among the sailors' boarding houses and places like that, to see if he could find out anything about the crew of the Four Sisters.
Why has that meddlesome old Englishman blundered against me?
They denounced the Iranian officials' meddlesome statements which fuel tensions in Bahrain, contravene the principles of good neighborliness, international laws and norms and trespass on the UN and Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) charters.
July 27, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate, the new, satirical video series about a young woman who faces growing troubles when she succumbs to the charms of a meddlesome boyfriend-a stand-in for Big Government-has surpassed a combined total of one million views on YouTube, the producer announced today.
Death by Roses is a quizzically romantic comedy about love (and meddlesome instincts) that transcends life and death.
We love We love MOVIES By Monty Smith MOVIES By Monty Smith ooMURDER MOST FOUL TCM 3PM Margaret Rutherford stars as Milchester's meddlesome Miss Marple in Agatha Christie's mildly comical case, Mrs McGinty's Dead.
If the vessel is found and is Russian, it is just more proof of the meddlesome and mischievous mind at work in Moscow.
Lukashenko expressed confidence that Syria will emerge victorious from the current crisis in sync with its counterterrorism efforts, and will stand its ground against foreign meddlesome policies, SANA reported.
Where I disagree with him, I think, is on the level of intervention and top-down meddlesome interference by the EU.
While the Great British public wants less meddlesome bureaucratic integration with Europe, wants to regain our sovereignty, wants to be self-governing, wants to self govern inward migrant numbers, wants to deport hate preachers, wants governments to stop squandering our money across the English Channel and beyond, wants to make our own laws, wants to regain our constitutional
They have had the rug pulled from under their feet by a mysterious, meddlesome decision from on-high, to scrap the meeting which was intended to be a constructive dialogue on ways of people supporting and having an input into improving local hospital services.