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Gwyneth Paltrow, as a dazzling Emma, successfully embodies the heroine's refinement and meddlesomeness, which outline the characterization and propel the plot of the novel.
Longest overall COLLECTIVENESS / CORRECTIVENESS, MEDDLESOMENESS / METTLESOMENESS, and SLUGGISHNESSES / SLUTTISHNESSES (14 letters); longest with no doubled letters BARBARIZATION / MARMARIZATION (13 letters); longest with three substitutions MAMMIFEROUS / PAPPIFEROUS (11 letters); longest in a set of three or more words DINGLEDANGLE / JINGLE JANGLE / TINGLETANGLE (12 letters).
The strength of my reaction against this meddlesomeness revealed to me a number of things about my own construction of Primo Levi.
He not only brilliantly expounds his central concept of impiety, he applies it to the Puritans to locate asource of the overweening expansionism, self-righteousness, and meddlesomeness which have so blighted American life, especially through impious liberalism.
His meddlesomeness, to which Hamlet draws attention in his contemptuous epitaph, "Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell" (3.