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Because the Channel One program may have real benefits and real costs for students, the program provides an ideal focus for examining the extent to which media literacy training can enhance the benefits and diminish the risks associated with use of the program in schools.
Develop a way to track and compile information about each news media contact made with Xcel Energy.
This leads to an even larger media impact as any new tapes that are used in the drive can also be damaged, quickly mitigating the short-term cost savings of buying recycled media.
What are the roles of the library media specialist in today's schools?
For us, global communication is critical to our success as a business, and yet is one of our most daunting challenges," said Robert Calmus, senior media producer at Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC.
There are many reasons why children are more likely to suffer from otitis media than adults.
Although media selection is a threshold issue for long-term access to digital records, it is only one component of a long-term strategy for access to digital records.
Full index with Chinese Media Keywords, company mentions, etc.
So whether they're called media relations, disclosure, public relations or public information policies, there are common elements of communication policies that can help guide you and your leadership to the development of a formal, written and agreed-upon procedure for communicating both internally and externally.
Two philosophies of media literacy, the interventionist approach and the cultural studies approach, guided our curriculum development and pedagogical style.
DDS media introduced metal particle as a viable technology for high-density digital data storage and, today, MP media dominates the digital data storage market.
As the media and entertainment world transitions from analog to digital processes, we're witnessing profound and irreversible transformations.