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Because the Channel One program may have real benefits and real costs for students, the program provides an ideal focus for examining the extent to which media literacy training can enhance the benefits and diminish the risks associated with use of the program in schools.
The primary goals of Xcel Energy's media relations team were to measure outputs and influence with the news media, to understand the media relations department's influence on customer opinion and to influence the marketing efforts and public policy strategies of the company.
This leads to an even larger media impact as any new tapes that are used in the drive can also be damaged, quickly mitigating the short-term cost savings of buying recycled media.
What are the roles of the library media specialist in today's schools?
For us, global communication is critical to our success as a business, and yet is one of our most daunting challenges," said Robert Calmus, senior media producer at Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC.
One more factor that makes children more susceptible to otitis media is that adenoids in children are larger than they are in adults.
The hierarchical storage model (HMS) defines digital storage media as (1) on-line, (2) near-line, and (3) off-line, based upon frequency of access.
For example, if your organization is a solid "no comment" in the media, a reader may decide that your company is close-minded, engaging in illegal or unethical activities or just not friendly.
Despite the contrasting versions of media literacy, both camps share common ground, leading us to believe that the perspectives can, and should, compliment rather than compete against each other.
The move to MP media from the gamma ferric oxide and chrome tape formulations that were widely used at the time was necessitated by the higher recording densities demanded by the 4mm format to compensate for the small form factor of the cartridge.