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Two #2 braided composite locking sutures with closed loops on the end (FiberLink; Arthrex) were passed through the center of each dog ear, defined as midway between the medial and lateral row and midway between the suture bridge repair and the tear edge.
5) Specifically MSKUS can be used to assess both the integrity of the UCL and widening of the medial joint space while placing the elbow in a valgus stress (Figure 5).
A common predisposition to osteochondritis, particularly on the medial side, is an abnormal forefoot position in which it is turned inward toward the midline.
The investigators said cortical midline structure (CMS) circuitry is thought to play a key role in the neurobiology of affective illness because the medial cortex is involved in emotional regulation, self-referential thinking, the default mode network and may mediate the relationship between aberrant self-referential thinking and negative affect in mood disorders.
Neuroscience can't tell you what beauty is, but if you find it beautiful the medial orbito-frontal cortex is likely to be involved, you can find beauty in anything," Zeki said.
From among the target words of that larger study all those words were chosen for this experiment that contained initial and/or medial plosives.
He complained of a characteristic snapping sensation in the medial aspect of his elbow on flexion.
The medial border of the patella was hooked on the outer surface of the lateral femoral condyle under the prominent osteophytic ridge.
With Grix it looks like his medial, Harrison is more serious.
The study revealed the medial orbito-frontal cortex was more active when the subjects were looking at or listening to something they really liked.
He is heavily bandaged and he reckons he has done his medial ligament, which is not very good news for Ireland or Wolves," admitted Foley.
Heskey tore the medial meniscus in his right knee yesterday in training [Wednesday] with no other player involved in the incident.