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Caption: Figure 4 The osteotomized distal end is medially stabilized in position with two parallel Kirschner wires introduced in the proximal end and employed as a safe shelf on which it is slid anteriorly and downward, therefore, avoiding difficulties in translation and possible varus deformity.
Endopod two-segmented, barely reaching tip of EXP2, with spinular ornamentation as shown; ENP1 without armature; ENP2 with one strong inner seta with comb-like tip, two apical setae with outer spinules medially and with setules distally and along inner margin, and one outer apical bare spine.
Simon's triangle is one of the landmarks utilised for preoperative localisation of RLN, which is bounded by common carotid artery laterally, tracheoesophageal groove medially, and inferior thyroid artery superiorly.
Sternum yellowish brown, with long gray anteriorly converging hairs, distinctly longer than wide, heart shaped, narrow anterior margin nearly straight, widest medially, strongly tapering posteriorly between coxae IV.
In the course of eleven years (2005-2015), we analyzed 73 male patients with indirect inguinal hernia, unilateral or bilateral, primary or recurrent, in whom we performed placement modification of the PHS mesh, with 'plug free' position of the connector in Hesselbach triangle, medially of lower epigastria vessels.
Coxal plates well-developed on pereomeres 1-4, those of first two pairs reflexed medially over dorsal surfaces of pereomeres (Fig.
This aponeurosis inserts on the caudal portion of the mandible, medially to the aponeurosis XX.
The first and most obvious sign of upper crossed syndrome is the characteristic postural dysfunction of protracted scapulae, medially rotated humeri, hyperkyphotic (overly flexed) upper thoracic spine, and a protracted/ anteriorly held head, which is created by hypolordosis or even kyphosis (excessive flexion) of the lower cervical spine, hyperlordosis (excessive extension) of the upper cervical spine and head, and anterior translation of the head upon the atlas (Table 2).
It passes upward, forward, and medially, to be fixed into the lateral and front part of the medial condyle of the femur.
On Intra oral examination, a dome shaped swelling was noticed extending from 15 to 18, medially 1 cm away from mid palatine region up to buccal vestibule (Figure 2).
He noted that: "The National Alliance had a neutral stance of all the issues that occurred during the past years , and it was able to deal medially with everyone and was not a party of any problem , as well as on its quest in the convergence of views between the parties .