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Effective total state & local tax rates on median U.
By comparison, in New York, the median household income was 29.
Regionally, engineers in California, Hawaii and Nevada are among the highest compensated, earning a median income of $94,900, while engineers in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are among the lowest compensated, earning a median income of $73,000.
On a regional basis, sales fell an average of 13 percent, while median prices declined in all areas except Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Riverside/San Bernardino," California Association of Realtors President Colleen Badagliacco said in the report.
The REBNY report, the most comprehensive available for the Manhattan market, also showed cooperatives' median sales prices on the East Side rose 13 percent to $856,000 and downtown coop units rose 20 percent to $662,000.
For the second year in a row, couple families in Oshawa had the highest median total family income among all census metropolitan areas.
Executive-level editor -- $82,370 mean, $72,489 median
Reported median incomes vary by geographic region, as shown in Figure 2.
Within the Fourth Federal Reserve District, every county where median home values exceeded the national median was adjacent to a large city.
This is evidenced by the median jury award of $50,000, Boxold said.
95 Colones (As of May 21, 1999) * JANUARY MEDIAN TEMPERATURE: San Jose: 18.