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A large median artery can also provide electrical stability by protecting against ventricular fibrillation during acute occlusion of the AIB (Mamatha & Sridhar).
As the ACNM does not reach the hand and supplies the forearm only, it can be denominated as the antebrachial type of the median artery (ACNMa).
Bilateral superficial radial artery at the wrist associated with radial origin of a unilateral median artery.
MRI of the median nerve and median artery in the carpal tunnel: prevalence of their anatomical variations and clinical significance.
At the time of surgery, the transverse carpal ligament was incised and a persistent median artery (which was patent) and bifid median nerve were identified.
Then new arteries arise by angiogenesis forming the median artery, ulnar artery and the superficial brachial artery.
Median artery, a slender branch from anterior interosseous artery, accompanies and supplies the median nerve.