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More concretely, Cyprus proceeded to conclude maritime delimitation treaties with three of its neighbouring states, Egypt (2003), Lebanon (2007-as yet unratified) and Israel (2009), on the basis of the median line and with a provision for arbitration in case of a dispute.
The Taiwanese CAA says that airlines operating northbound flights on the M503 route could disrupt military traffic along the median line, while the extension routes could conflict with cross-strait operations.
Tokyo worries that the platforms will tap into gas fields that overlap the median line and could also be used as radar stations or bases for drones or other aircraft to monitor air and sea activity near the disputed chain of islets, known as the Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China.
China asserts that it cannot agree to delimit the border based on the median line and that its continental shelf extends naturally to the Okinawa trough, without indicating a border line which China assumes.
The move is likely to heighten tensions between the two countries because if China were to establish such a zone, it would certainly overlap Japan's, as a major part of the Japanese ADIZ has been set closer to China than the median line.
The middle line on the map is called the median line.
The ball entered through the occipital bone about one inch to the left of the median line and just above the left lateral sinus, which it opened.
Similarly, households where income still falls but to a level above the shifted median line are no longer counted as poor.
I haven t received a report that the activists have crossed the median line," the territorial border claimed by Japan, he said.
A proboscis like protuberance was found to be attached to median line above eyes.
Hence, the argument of taking the median line as grounds for the delimitation of the maritime zones between the island and Turkey can be assessed as the GCA's view.
To preserve fish stocks member states must be made responsible for their own fishing waters, up to the 200 mile limit, or the median line.