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Tokyo worries that the platforms will tap into gas fields that overlap the median line and could also be used as radar stations or bases for drones or other aircraft to monitor air and sea activity near the disputed chain of islets, known as the Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China.
The latter had entered a little to the left of the median line at the back of the head, had passed almost directly forwards through the center of the brain and lodged.
I haven t received a report that the activists have crossed the median line," the territorial border claimed by Japan, he said.
In 2010, the Cypriot and Israeli governments signed an "agreement on the delimitations of the Exclusive Economic Zone" between the two countries, which sets the maritime borders and the respective rights to explore natural resources within them by a median line.
Half of the North Sea's hydrocarbon reserves were on the British side of the median line, but with Norway's population being so much smaller than the UK's, it could afford to create a Sovereign Wealth Fund to salt a lot of the oil revenue away for future generations to benefit from.
Under the agreements the Caspian Sea bottom and mineral resources are subjected to delimitation (on the median line principle) and the water surface remains in common use.
In January 2002 Aliyev said in Moscow after talks with Russia's then President Vladimir Putin: "We agreed to begin work on drawing a median line between Russia and Azerbaijan".
On what Okada has called ''obstructive behavior'' by a Chinese marine survey ship against a Japan Coast Guard vessel earlier this month, the ambassador said China does not accept the Japanese claim that the incident occurred within the Japanese side of the median line dividing the two countries' exclusive economic zones, noting that the dispute over the line has not been settled.
The point of divergence is: How to draw the median line, dividing the shelf in a satisfactory manner between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.
Destructive lesions of the median line secondary to cocaine abuse.
Using a semi-permanent marker, seven equidistant points were drawn along the median line of the biceps brachii and the blunted tip of the algometer was pressed at the same points each time measurements were taken.
In February, there was a report that a Chinese marine scientific research ship was spotted in the area near the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, an area which is unilaterally declared by Japan as the Japanese side of the median line.