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Iron barriers have been installed in the median strips of vital roads which have recently seen a number of run-over accidents in which many jaywalkers were killed or injured.
In median strips Beside shut Volvo windows, Along the routes of our endlessly going These orphans and these vegetables, These fruits and these orphans In our country, in our America With supplications and with foreign mouths With winnowing eyes, and with calloused hands Every day ripening, on every corner.
At the federal Agricultural Research Service, scientist John Hammond has spent four years working with federal, state, and local partners to find suitable trees that can survive years of service shading city sidewalks or traffic median strips while holding their own and keeping their good looks.
In the long term, recycled water could be used for irrigation of median strips and other landscaped areas, dust control for construction areas, and irrigation for the landscaping of new home and commercial developments.
This time of year, travelers along Coburg Road and Hilyard Street in Eugene are treated to a wonderful display of wildflowers in the median strips and the other landscaping features planned and cared for by the Eugene Parks Planning and Maintenance staff.
And the vast majority of building projects are now virtually complete--sans, perhaps, certain nice-but-not-strictly-necessary adornments, like monuments outside the stadiums and sod in the median strips.
It upgraded some busy intersections with bigger street name signs, larger and brighter stoplights, new walk lights and left-turn lanes, and newly painted median strips.