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It was intended to be an inter mediary rank between sergeant and inspector.
Integration broker and SAP adapter Integration * This approach interfaces clearly shows that changeability changing the inter- mediary (from SAP web service to SAP Connector Adapter) does not affect the BPMS or the ERP Performance * Performance is better than the previous approaches, as there is no overload of the XML mappings insi- de the web service.
Lay information mediary behavior uncovered: exploring how nonprofessionals seek health information for themselves and others online.
Computers with a shared protocol can communicate directly without a hierarchical mediary.
Why should we as instructors not begin to see that in order to facilitate the shift for the student from visual culture to print-based appreciation of the classical tradition we might need to provide a mediary text?
In studying the general coercive actions and the responses of the business actors, Boddewyn (1988) discussed the "negotiation" strategy and the role of mediary actors when business actors try to manage problems with political actors.
A more customary gesture is on display in the book's next poem, "Later in Life": "& these words are mine, there is no angel to / wrestle, there is no inter- / mediary, there is something I must / tell you, you do not need existence, these words, praise be, they can for now be / said.
He added: "We remain committed and supportive to the inter mediary marketplace and it is a key underpin to our growth plans.
mediary now provides free internet communications between doctor's practices and the pharmaceutical industry's representatives allowing appointments to be made online saving the pharmaceutical industry unnecessary travel, and congestion of practice waiting rooms and patient telephone lines.
Tailor-made projects to promote South-South trade in final products; increase trade in inter mediary products; facilitate technical cooperation among developing countries.
Med-ic eCap, introduced earlier this year by Information Mediary Corp.