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MEDIATE, POWERS. Those incident to primary powers, given by a principal to his agent. For example, the general authority given to collect, receive and pay debts due by or to the principal is a primary power. In order to accomplish this it is frequently required to settle accounts, adjust disputed claims, resist those which are unjust, and answer and defend suits; these subordinate powers are sometimes called mediate powers. Story, Ag. Sec. 58. See Primary powers, and 1 Camp. R. 43, note 4 Camp. R. 163; 6 S. & R. 149.

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According to New York Debtor & Creditor Law section 278(1), the judgment creditor has no rights against "a purchaser for fair consideration without knowledge of the fraud at the time of the purchase, or one who has derived title immediately or mediately from such a purchaser." (438) Where the garnishee paid no consideration, she risks liability to the judgment creditor if she conveys away property received from the debtor.
"e average life of a kidney is about eight years; they take into account the ones that go almost im"mediately," Gloria said.
And this guilt or obligation to punishment with respect to the violation of Gods Law is called guilt of Conscience because the Devine Law is that which only either mediately or immediately lays hold upon the Conscience as I shall have occasion at large to declare when I come to the particular discussion of the part of the Divine Law which is called the Law of Nature;
Participants were observed during (a) baseline, prior to the administration of a functional analysis, (b) im mediately after the administration of functional analysis, and (c) days after the completion of the functional analysis.
(11) Rather, what Christ makes known is always imperfectly and mediately understood as the reader's will, in imitation of Christ's incarnate example, becomes transformed and conformed to the intent of the Divine Author whose leading through the Garden of Gethsemane (Lk.
In the process of being internalised within the organisation, however, the legal construct is transformed and institutionalised through processes of interpretation and adaptation, so that the legal construct is only mediately connected to the legal domain and may now carry very different meaning and effects which are part of the organisation's own legal culture (Edelman & Suchman 1999: 978; Edelman 2003: 241-2).
mediately following the General Session, Robert Easter, president of the University of Illinois, introduced the Global Challenges Forum with a presentation of his own, and then moderated a panel of international speakers and session attendees.
Kant wrote, 'in whatever manner and by whatever means a mode of knowledge may relate to objects, intuition is that through which it is in immediate relation to them.'39 Concepts, by contrast, relate to objects mediately, 'by means of a feature which several things may have in common.'40 Intuition is always a singular representation, that is, it represents an individual thing or single object.
According to Kant, law refers to the "external and practical relation of one Person to another, in so far as they can have influence upon each other, immediately or mediately, by their Actions as facts." (10) If law is then about the reality of freedom, legal analysis, as a result, must be concerned with the conditions of autonomous action.
For all is a plenum (and thus all matter is connected together) and in the plenum every motion has an effect upon distant bodies in proportion to their distance, so that each body not only is affected by those which are in contact with it and in some way feels the effect of everything that happens to them, but also is mediately affected by bodies adjoining those with which it itself is in immediate contact.