mediating agency

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Abba said that all God's creation was performed through a mediating agency, i.
To be fair, Straznicky admits in her introduction that work still needs to be done on the mediating agency of printers and publishers in the publication of playbooks, but this does not seem to justify the tendency in some of the collection's essays to treat publishers like Richard Jones, Edward Blount, John Field, and Robert Allot as anonymous commercial entities.
The relativizing, post-Enlightenment, pluralistic, "nuanced externalism" (of, for example, John Hick, Wilfred Cantwell Smith, Paul Knitter) inverts Jesus's unique mediating agency, in contrast to the properly apologetic, missiological, "nuanced internalism" (of Lesslie Newbigin, Joseph DiNoia, Paul Griffiths) that reads the world into Christ (35, 44, 50).