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n. a person who conducts mediation. A mediator is usually a lawyer, or retired judge, but can be a non-attorney specialist in the subject matter (like child custody) who tries to bring people and their disputes to early resolution through a conference. The mediator is an active participant in the discussions and attempts to work out a solution, unlike an arbitrator who sits as a judge. (See: mediation, arbitration, arbitrator)

See: adjuster, advocate, arbiter, broker, conduit, counselor, interagent, intermediary, liaison, medium, referee, spokesman, umpire

MEDIATOR. One who interposes between two contending parties, with their consent, for the purpose of assisting them in settling their differences. Sometimes this term is applied to an officer who is appointed by a sovereign nation to promote the settlement of disputes between two other nations. Vide Minister; Mediator.

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Currently there are two private alternative dispute resolution companies each in Karachi and Lahore and after the establishment of an accredited panel of mediators, the scope of alternative dispute resolution would spread to other areas of the country.
When you get recertified every two years, again, you don't even have to mediate a case in those two years; you simply have to take your continuing mediator ethics credits.
During the teacher training and the two days of student training, the mediator mentors were present and learning with their mentees while helping professors and teacher trainers facilitate the exercise.
4) Consistent adherence to the requirement would, however, necessitate that the mediation only be conducted by an unethical mediator, or not at all.
40) These concerns include the principle of party autonomy, or self-determination, and the ability of the mediator to address power imbalances; the principle of neutrality and the appropriateness of the mediator raising concerns about the justness of outcomes; and the provision of relevant information and/or advice to the parties.
Mediators have also spread rumors that the correction period might be extended again for certain Asian nationalities.
The office of the financial system mediator was instituted on Jan 24 2009.
For the mediator it can be a challenge to know whether there has been a real meeting of minds between the parties.
If you could list only one, what do you think would be the most important quality for the 'best' mediator to have?
Servier has not deceived authorities by hiding the fact that Mediator was an appetite suppressant, as it actually was not, the lawyer explained.
An indispensable trait for the cultural mediator is a cultural understanding of both cultures they straddle (Bochner, 1981; McLeod, 1981; Taft, 1981).
Said Dr Samia Babar, "The main reason for the Mediators campaign were many misconceptions and a lack of information and knowledge of Pakistani children suffering from various diseases such as Measles, Hepatitis-B, Poliomyelitis, Childhood Tuberculosis, Hib Pneumonia, Meningitis, Pertussis and Neonatal Tetanus.