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n. a person who conducts mediation. A mediator is usually a lawyer, or retired judge, but can be a non-attorney specialist in the subject matter (like child custody) who tries to bring people and their disputes to early resolution through a conference. The mediator is an active participant in the discussions and attempts to work out a solution, unlike an arbitrator who sits as a judge. (See: mediation, arbitration, arbitrator)

See: adjuster, advocate, arbiter, broker, conduit, counselor, interagent, intermediary, liaison, medium, referee, spokesman, umpire

MEDIATOR. One who interposes between two contending parties, with their consent, for the purpose of assisting them in settling their differences. Sometimes this term is applied to an officer who is appointed by a sovereign nation to promote the settlement of disputes between two other nations. Vide Minister; Mediator.

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The Act defines a mediator as "an individual who conducts a mediation.
It is a process through which a mediator to assist the parties to reach a negotiated settlement and thereby avoid huge litigation costs.
Although there is an increasing body of Australian research that evaluates and analyzes mediation practices, there are limited studies that document mediator views or perspectives.
The Mediator Qualifications Board--a committee under authority of and appointed by the Florida Supreme Court--recently disciplined one certified mediator.
The price of a single number can reach SR1,000," said one mediator, Ramzi Odeh.
The mediator needs to be aware of how good understanding can be affected by cultural factors and to be alive to the cultural challenges that can arise at each phase of a mediation.
August 25, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - Darfur joint peace mediator and delegations of two non signatory rebel groups agreed to meet in Arusha within two months to resume discussions over ways to settle peacefully the 10-year conflict in western Sudan.
If your request for mediation is accepted (and most are), then discussions will be held (typically by phone) to go over the mediation process, negotiate a mediation agreement, and select an Appeals mediator and, if the taxpayer so desires, a non-IRS co-mediator.
Chief Mediator, Faith Knight explains, “Apollo Group is extremely happy to announce that we will be able to service more clients, and add a fresh perspective to some uncomfortable topics.
In addition, mediator teams will work with local and regional government officials to promote peace building and ethnic tolerance in their respective areas.
UK-based Pharos is demonstrating the Mediator 4, its latest version of the Mediator broadcast workflow management platform.
Tamara Grncarovska comments for Utrinski vesnik that after a pause of seven months, mediator Matthew Nimetz once again moved the dormant process of name negotiation talks.