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In regard to the mediatory role job satisfaction plays in the relationship between psychological work climate and turnover intentions.
Speaking to Today's Zaman in an exclusive interview, Ambassador Danilo Vucetic explained that it was Davutoy-lu who asked Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic to play a mediatory role between Turkey and Russia during a two-day visit to the Balkan country in December.
KARACHI: The speaker of provincial Sindh assembly on Tuesday offered his mediatory role to help end differences between Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, after the latter decided to part ways with the government.
He noted that he requested President Al-Bashir the advice to push forword the mediatory efforts, adding that he briefed President on the recent fruitfull meetings during which critical obstacles have been surpassed, top of them are the rule system in South Sudan State which would be the federal government system.
Among the topics are a Ming-Qing transition in Chinese women's history, the third realm of Qing civil justice between informal mediation and formal adjudication, the Lake Weishan issue and the Chinese mediatory system of government, international law and East Asia in the 19th century, and reconstructing Max Weber's "Sociology of Law.
Feltman will go to Kiev on Tuesday and will stay there until Friday night to have discussions with top-rank Ukrainian officials in the framework of mediatory efforts undertaken on behalf of the Secretary General, Haq said.
He said the council does not have the authority to investigate or question, it only has a mediatory role.
She covers explanations for the persistence of Asante chieftaincy, some philosophical justification for historical anthropology in indigenous religious studies, the indigenous religious mediatory and peacekeeping roles of the Asante traditional authorities in the precolonial and colonial periods, and the Asante traditional authorities and their indigenous religious mediatory and peacekeeping roles in today's Kumasi Metropolis.
A probe has been ordered into the disclosure that the company paid a mediatory for bagging the ` 7,400- crore HAL deal, in violation of defence procurement rules.
In their protest prior to the mediatory meeting, Ali Al-Bukhiti demanded that the general plenary end and the working groups recommence their work.
In particular, Origen's teachings regarding the distinct hypostasis of the Son, the Son's divine nature in relation to the Father, the Son's mediatory role, and the importance of the incarnate Son's freedom would all become reference points for future theologians.
Kumtor Operating Company is a mediatory company, which vanishes millions of money for business trips and others, they actually govern everything using insiders.