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A medical diagnosis is a stressful event, and as patients react to this stress, their fundamental beliefs about life are put to the test.
Based on examination, history, and laboratory study, the nurse can, without offering a medical diagnosis, note on the chart: "History, signs, and symptoms consistent with primary HIV infection.
This report presents a clear picture about the overall development of medical diagnosis, monitoring & treatment equipment market in China and the trend in recent years based on detailed data analysis.
Low T Center physicians do not write prescriptions, do not permit patient self-medication, and will not treat patients who do not have a medical diagnosis of low testosterone.
The risk-benefit equation changes dramatically for those who are referred for [whole-body] CT exams for medical diagnosis," says Brenner.
In some corners, ADHD has been dismissed as either the medical diagnosis for routine childhood antics or the result of poor parenting.
All of a sudden there was a legitimate medical diagnosis that explained away uncooperative children, eased parental guilt, relieved teachers' anxiety, and lined the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and HMOs.
Team leader Prof Michael Pepper believes it will be valuable for medical diagnosis and have lots of uses in industry.
Interest runs high in devising a system to measure severity independent of medical diagnosis.
Actor Announces Investment in Crowdsourced Medical Diagnosis Platform
After a medical diagnosis of ADD and mild depression and a prescription for medication, she turned to behavior expert Weiss for help in restructuring life at home.
com/research/841c0e/china_medical_diag) has announced the addition of the "China medical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment equipment manufacturing industry, 2011" report to their offering.

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