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Medical futility has been variously defined as an intervention that has no pathophysiologic rationale, where such intervention had already failed in the patient, where maximal treatment is already failing, or where the intervention will not achieve the goals of care.
Medical Futility in End of Life Care: report of the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs.
It is unfair to doctors and patients alike to covertly implement strategies that withhold care from children on the basis of unilateral quality-of-life determination when there is no justification of medical futility.
Standard issues such as the distinction between active and passive euthanasia, the notion of medical futility, the doctrine of double effect, non-voluntary as opposed to voluntary euthanasia, competence, advance directives, and the sanctity of human life are all considered.
As the articles in this Volume attest, an extensive body of literature attempts to refine a standard for the appropriate process for making a determination of medical futility.
The issue of medical futility was tackled in a cautiously worded directive issued by the Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons in a statement on the role of the MD on situations where the doctors are considering withdrawing life sustaining treatments from patients.
Some of the topics include parental decision making, medical futility and cross-cultural issues.
1999) The Medical Futility Controversy: Bioethical Implications for the Critical Care Nurses.
We had all dealt face to face with the tragedy of medical futility.
Guidelines to address medical futility are being developed in Texas, South Carolina, Colorado, California, and Georgia (Carter; 2001).
of Indialantic, a student of Stetson University College of Law, for his paper titled Medical Futility Could be the Key to Medical Futility.

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