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Medical futility denotes treatment that cannot confer an overall benefit on the whole person even if it can restore some physiologic variable.
This lack of consensus on medical futility should however not deter African nations from dialoguing on best practices applicable to resource limited settings.
In the clinic the medical futility debate culminates in the practical question of whether physicians may unilaterally discontinue LSMT in the face of opposition from patient/surrogates.
Thaddeus Mason Pope, Memphis University law professor and an expert on medical futility care issues, calls the Manitoba statement an "admirable attempt to provide guidance.
The team is on board and the medical futility procedure has been stopped.
Jewish ethics as it relates to the care of the terminally ill and medical futility, as well as Jewish religious rituals at the time of death and during mourning are also addressed.
By 1990, however, the committee was receiving consultations that dealt with potential medical futility.
of Indialantic, a student of Stetson University College of Law, for his paper titled Medical Futility Could be the Key to Medical Futility.
Pertinent topics, such as the experience of dying, dignity and dying, autonomy, death, suffering, faithfulness, undertreatment, overtreatment, medical futility, assisted suicide, hospice care, long-term care, parish nursing and congregational ministry, all viewed from a Christian perspective.
Mitchell KR, Kerridge IH, Lovat TJ: Medical futility, treatment withdrawal and the persistent vegetative state J MEd Ethics 1993; 19(2):71-76.
But removing an option or an alternative on the grounds of medical futility takes the choice entirely out of the patient's hands.
Proceeding from those ethical principles, dialogue will need to further evolve on issues of patient self-determination and medical futility.

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