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INCIDENT. A thing depending upon, appertaining to, or following another, called the principal.
     2. The power of punishing for contempt is incident to a court of record; rent is incident to a reversion; distress to rent; estovers of woods to a tenancy for a life or years. 1 Inst. 151; Noy's Max. n. 13; Vin. Ab. h.. t.; Dane's Ab. h.t.; Com. Dig. h.t., and the references there; Bro. Ab. h.t.; Roll's Ab. 75.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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the amendment permits patients to access any record relating to any adverse medical incident, and defines "patient" to include individuals who had previously undergone treatment ...
THE SUPREME COURT OF FLORIDA HELD THAT THE AMENDMENT WAS 'SELF-EXECUTING' AND THAT THE RIGHT OF ACCESS GRANTED PURSUANT TO THE AMENDMENT WAS 'RETROACTIVE.' Since the court found that the amendment had a retroactive effect, it found that it applied to all adverse medical incident records, including those existing prior to its effective date.
A spokesman for North East Ambulance Service: "We were called to a medical incident at a private address.
A Yorkshire Ambulance Service spokesman said they were called to a medical incident at Sainsbury's at 2.01pm.
"As well as the medical incident, the driver of the Mercedes had bitten his tongue badly and had a head injury.
The disaster doctor - known as a medical incident officer - was sent to Worcestershire Royal Hospital because of "unacceptable" delays at the overwhelmed A&E.
The latest day of the inquiry at Gateshead civic centre started after a delay following a medical incident as a man passed out in the crowded room.
Each vehicle can accommodate up to five staff, including ambulance and medical incident commanders, dispatchers and a loggist.
However, the amendment provides, inter alia, that "any records made or received in the course of business by a health care facility or provider relating to an adverse medical incident are subject to discovery.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman confirmed crews attended a medical incident in the area and added that there were no traumatic injuries involved in the incident.
On the scene for disaster: As a member of the region's major medical incident team, Dr Jones was sent to the Port Talbot steelworks disaster when blast furnace number 5 exploded in November 2001, killing three workers, including Len Radford, 53, of South Parade, Maesteg.
shall apply only to any medical incident for which a notice of intent to initiate litigation is mailed on or after the effective date of this act." Thus, the court concluded that these amendments did not apply to the case at bar.

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