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The commencement or initiation of anything, such as an action. An establishment, particularly one that is eleemosynary or public by nature.

An institution can be any type of organized corporation or society. It may be private and designed for the profit of the individuals composing it, or public and nonprofit.


(Commencement), noun beginning, inception, initiation, installation, installment, open introduction


(Custom), noun academy, alliance, bylaw, canon, code, custom, established usage, familiar practice, fraternity, institute, law, league, ordinance, organization, permanent rule, place of education, prevalent practice, regulation, union
See also: association, building, concern, corporation, custom, firm, formation, foundation, installation, institute, organization, prescription, rubric

INSTITUTION, eccl. law. The act by which the ordinary commits the cure of souls to a person presented to a benefice.

INSTITUTION, political law. That which has been established and settled by law for the public good; as, the American institutions guaranty to the citizens all privileges and immunities essential to freedom.

INSTITUTION, practice. The commencement of an action; as, A B has instituted a suit against C D, to recover damages for a trespass.

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In case of disease detection, the patients will be subjected to additional examination and treatment at specialized medical institutions operating in Baku and in the regions where necessary.
Whenever, the private medical institutions are brought under regulation, obstacles are created by unseen hands,' he said.
The same is the case with most of our postgraduate medical institutions, medical universities and it can also hold true for any other organization, though exceptions are always there.
P Hussain, chairman of Fathima Healthcare Group informed that all the medical institutions should follow this system very soon.
JNRC Chairman Jamal Sharaf on Tuesday said that 696 of the licenses were granted to individuals, 141for industrial and medical institutions and 150 to import equipment used in the radioactive work.
No other medical institutions are allowed to carry out human organ transplants without approval from the local health authorities.
East Side Medical building, 380 Second Avenue, located near the major east side medical institutions announced its most recent lease of approximately 2,500 s/f of prime retail space to Dr.
Saint Theresa's Medical University will bring to five the number of medical institutions operating on St.
com partners with medical institutions, including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, UCLA, UC-San Francisco, and the University of Chicago, among others, to provide programs that help doctors prepare for Board certification and re-certification exams and master the latest clinical procedures.
In fact, one of the objectives of HIPAA compliance implementation was to be technology-neutral, given the variety of different medical institutions and size of businesses that are affected by the law.
Strategic was formed in 1989 to provide technology based security solutions to Corporate, Academic and Medical Institutions, litigation support, liability audit and strong due diligence with effective crime prevention Operational Protocols and Procedures.
Comorow goes into expert depth to detail why even the most respected medical institutions can make mistakes with transplants--and to offer some cutting suggestions for reform.

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