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The commencement or initiation of anything, such as an action. An establishment, particularly one that is eleemosynary or public by nature.

An institution can be any type of organized corporation or society. It may be private and designed for the profit of the individuals composing it, or public and nonprofit.


(Commencement), noun beginning, inception, initiation, installation, installment, open introduction


(Custom), noun academy, alliance, bylaw, canon, code, custom, established usage, familiar practice, fraternity, institute, law, league, ordinance, organization, permanent rule, place of education, prevalent practice, regulation, union
See also: association, building, concern, corporation, custom, firm, formation, foundation, installation, institute, organization, prescription, rubric

INSTITUTION, eccl. law. The act by which the ordinary commits the cure of souls to a person presented to a benefice.

INSTITUTION, political law. That which has been established and settled by law for the public good; as, the American institutions guaranty to the citizens all privileges and immunities essential to freedom.

INSTITUTION, practice. The commencement of an action; as, A B has instituted a suit against C D, to recover damages for a trespass.

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The other major medical institutions that have begun utilizing Dextroscope in the United States include: The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University /New York Presbyterian Hospital, Stanford University Hospital and Clinics, St.
Cervical fusion and sports medicine surgeries using Clearant Sterile Implants were successfully performed at five leading medical institutions across the country in July.
In addition, the research project acknowledged that the specification development and practical use of CDISC standards has now advanced to a stage where medical institutions in Japan should develop and operate a clinical trial-related information system that is based upon CDISC standards in order to make clinical trials more efficient.
VRT is currently offered at 30 leading medical institutions and private practices nationwide including the Neurological Institute of New York at Columbia University Medical Center, the Department of Neurology University of Miami, Emory Healthcare Eye Center, the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University Wilmer Eye Institute, HealthSouth Sunrise Rehabilitation Hospital, HealthSouth Scottsdale Rehabilitation Hospital, Doheny Eye Institute at USC, and others.
SFA has goals to (1) build and strengthen medical, scientific and engineering research programs and infrastructure in areas of greatest strategic value to Arizona's competitiveness in the global economy, and (2) actively engage scientific research, academic and medical institutions representing both the public and private sectors on a worldwide basis.
Working with leading regional medical groups like Intercoastal Neurology is essential to NovaVision's expansion of VRT, and enables NovaVision to offer VRT to patients at local, centralized locations that maintain the quality of care and prestige found at larger NovaVision Partner Clinic medical institutions.
Mirgazov, Republican Scientific Center of Surgery named after MATopchubashov, Republican Perinatal Center, Clinical Medical Center, Republican Endocrinology Center, Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology named after academician CMAbdullayev, Women's counseling and other medical institutions.
The tussle between PM and DC and private medical institutions has troubled the students ,' said Zainab Mustaq, a third year MBBS student in Islamic International Medical College.
She managed to raise BGN 2 650 000, which helped 474 children and donated medical equipment to 30 medical institutions from all over the country.
Vice Prime Minister for Social Affairs Damira Niyazaliyeva visited several medical institutions of the town of Balykchy in the framework of the working visit to Issyk-Kul region, the press service of the Government reports.
It was one such occasion when at the tea interval during the recently concluded annual conference of Pakistan Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons held at Aga Khan University where the present sate of affairs of our medical institutions i.
33/2013 regarding the medical and paramedical profession at the government medical institutions (civil and military).

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